Chrissy Teigen Reveals The Best Parenting Advice She Has Received So Far

Model Chrissy Teigen and her husband, R&B star John Legend, will be welcoming their baby girl later this year, and they have already started preparing for life after baby.

While speaking to Us Weekly at the Sports Illustrated VIP Sunset Cruise on Thursday, February 18, Teigen revealed the best pregnancy advice she has received so far: hire a night nurse to help with those late-night feedings and diaper changes!

“The recommendation of a night nurse!” Teigen revealed when asked what the best advice she had received was. “It’s pretty unanimous. Everyone was like, ‘If you can do it, do it.’ So we’re going for it!”

The couple will be welcoming their daughter this spring, and Teigen said that although she is normally anxious about most things in her life, she is actually pretty calm when it comes to her pregnancy and impending motherhood despite this being her first child.

“We’re pretty mellow with it,” Teigen admitted. “I’m pretty anxious normally with most things in life, work, but with this we’re very calm, and we feel very ready despite not really having done anything. We toured the hospital… but I think for the most part, we’re very lucky to have my mom and John’s mom with us during the summer, so we’ll learn as we go just like anything else.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend made their pregnancy announcement via Instagram in October 2015. The couple revealed they were excited to be expecting their first child, especially since they had so much trouble trying to conceive.

“John and I are so happy to announce that we are pregnant,” Teigen wrote at the time. “As many of you know, we’ve been trying to have a baby for a while now. It hasn’t been easy, but we kept trying because we can’t wait to bring our first child into the world and grow our family. We’re so excited that it’s finally happening. Thank you for all your love and well wishes. I look forward to all the belly touching! Xx.”

Teigen and Legend first met while shooting a music video for his song “Stereo” in 2006. They later got engaged in 2011 and then were then married during an intimate ceremony in Lake Como, Italy, in September 2013. Chrissy first spoke about their fertility issues, when she and Tyra Banks, who recently welcomed her first child, opened up on FABLife about their efforts to get pregnant. The couple started trying to get pregnant years ago, but it simply did not come as easy as it does for some people. They then started utilizing fertility doctors and eventually found out they were expecting their first bundle of joy.

While Chrissy said hiring a night nurse was the best advice she has received, she recently received harsh comments and advice from her critics on social media. While speaking about her current pregnancy cravings, several Twitter users started lashing out at the model for her choice of foods, including her nightly craving of Fruity Pebbles cereal mixed with Cap’N Crunch.

“If you wanna give me unsolicited baby advice on the damn cereal I eat/what I wear u better unlock your profile so I can see your perfection,” she wrote before publishing a series of sarcastic tweets. “Yes I am living off dyed food. tuna too!! Gonna try to dye my tuna actually. Then have an icy, dyed vodka soda and that’s just lunch…Then I’m gonna f—kin take the trapeze class I’ve been meaning to take…then maybe do a 3 legged race then probably rent sumo suits and battle strangers…then a nice cigar in the hot tub oh today will be a delight indeed.”

[Photo by Omar Vega/Invision/AP]