‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers, Rumors: Negan Is Going To Kill A Major Character And Anger Everyone

Season 6 of The Walking Dead had its midseason premiere this past weekend, and it began things off with a bloody battle and a big explosion. Daryl Dixon and his two partners did what needed to be done to survive, and the other group of survivors also did the same. Everything seemed clear as day, but there were some hidden clues of what may be to come and some signs that Negan is closer than you think and is going to seriously make every single fan of the show angry.

From this point on, please know there are possible SPOILERS for season 6 of The Walking Dead. If you don’t want to know what may or may not happen, then stop reading now. Please note that these are rumors and may or may not happen.

the walking dead spoilersrumors negan daryl dixon death [Image via Image Comics]It’s well known that the villainous Negan has been cast and that role belongs to Jeffrey Dean Morgan who will likely play him perfectly. Another thing that is known is that Negan is set to make his debut in season 6, and it’s believed that he will arrive in the season finale.

Well, maybe.

Again, if you have not yet seen “No Way Out” from this past Sunday, then stop reading now.

In the midseason finale from November, Daryl was on a back road with Sasha and Abraham, and they had been confronted by a biker gang. The gang admitted they worked for Negan and that everything the trio owned, now belonged to him.

One of the gang members goes with Daryl to the back of the truck to check out their inventory, and Daryl is able to take control. He also takes the rocket launcher and used it to blow up the rest of the Saviors, killing them all.

It seems like that isn’t a really big deal because the trio can move on and not have to worry about this Negan character. Again, that may not be true as a few watchful and alert eyes were able to spot something in the background of that scene.

Did you see it?

Now, there is a car that pulls quickly into frame right before the explosion blows up the Saviors and allows the survivors to go on their way. Many believe that it is actually Negan, and he’s hiding in plain sight as he may do the rest of the season until his debut in the season 6 finale.

Others, such as MoviePilot, think it is Paul “Jesus” Monroe who is also going to be making his debut this season. This would be the exact opposite of Negan as Jesus is known for recruiting others to help destroy the villain with the bat and his Saviors.

Fansided also doubts that it was Negan in the car as the showrunners of The Walking Dead have said that he wouldn’t make his debut until the season 6 finale. Now, they could be swerving everyone or being honest and having him hide in the shadows without ever actually showing his face.

A lot of people didn’t see the car at all, but it is indeed there and it is noticeable once you actually learn of its existence. It was just really hard to see with this happening.

negan the walking dead car spoilers [Image via AMC]Here is where things get very interesting though.

Let’s say it was Negan in the car and he was keeping an eye on the Saviors. Well, he just witnessed Daryl Dixon blow up a good bit of his troops with a rocket launcher and the trio of survivors are now going on their way seemingly without a care in the world.

Negan likely has more of his Saviors, but he could have just been watching what this particular group was doing and how they performed. Obviously, they failed. That being said, Negan does now have a face to go with the destruction and it belongs to Daryl Dixon.

Again, say it is Negan and he’s carrying around his trusty bat named “Lucille” with him. Anyone that has read the comic book of The Walking Dead knows that Negan ends up violently killing Glenn, but it isn’t known when that will happen.

the walking dead spoilers glenn dies [Photo by Gene Page/AMC]Now, that is expected to happen. Daryl Dixon? No one not affiliated with the making of The Walking Dead has any idea what will happen to him since he’s not in the comic book and was created specifically for the television show.

Yes, he’s one of the most popular characters on the show and fans have always said they would riot if Daryl dies, but the possibility is certainly there. If it’s Negan in the car, then he has his sights set on one particular survivor.

The second half of season 6 of The Walking Dead has just begun, but there are already so many rumors flying around. Daryl Dixon once again showed his true grit as a member of the survivors, but he needs to be careful as a villain is coming. Then again, Negan may already be there.

[Image via Gene Page/AMC]