Real Housewives Of Orange County Star Vicki Gunvalson And Boyfriend Brooks Ayers Threaten ABC Lawsuit

“Real Housewives of Orange County” reality show veteran Vicki Gunvalson may have a break from filming the Bravo series, but the drama continues. Gunvalson and her boyfriend Brooks Ayers are fighting back at ABC and demanding an apology for a 20/20 special report which alleged Ayers is a “deadbeat dad,” Radar Online reports. Both Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers recently appeared on a Bravo “Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion” (RHOC) segment where the reality show cast shared their feelings and a bit of alleged dirty laundry about one another – Ayers ,45, was a frequent target during the heated cast conversations.

“While we have not filed a lawsuit yet, we have written to ABC demanding a retraction and informed them that the threat of the lawsuit exists and we are currently in discussions with them. The most dangerous aspect was the program accusing him of running out on his child, which is absolutely false,” Brooks Ayers attorney Alexander Rufus-Isaacs stated during a Radar Online interview.

The ABC 20/20 broadcast which aired on June 29 spawned a possible lawsuit against both the network and Ayers’ ex-girlfriend, Nicolette Catanzarite, Radar Online notes. Catanzarite, 41, is the mother of Brooks Ayers’ 3-year-old son. During the broadcast the Indianapolis hair salon owner and model claims Ayers “bailed” on hospital and pediatrician bills. Ayers’ attorney maintains Catanzarite’s claims are a part of an ongoing legal dispute in which Ayers’ claims she refused to allow him to see their son.

Ayers’ is a businessman from Mississippi with three other children from a previous marriage. Rufus-Isaac told Radar Online on behalf of Ayers that Catanzarite visited with both Brooks and Vicki Gunvalson earlier this and denies her claims she does not know how to get in touch with him to coordinate communication or visits with their son. The attorney also noted Brooks Ayers still has the same email address and cell phone number he has used to communicate with the mother of his child in the past.