Sabine Musil Buehler: ‘Dateline’ Details Murder Of Missing Anna Maria Island Motel Owner Found Dead, Buried On Florida Beach

The Sabine Musil Buehler, William Cumber Anna Maria Island murder case will be the feature story for tonight’s Dateline NBC. The investigative report entitled, “A Place On The Sand,” will focus on the disappearance and murder of a motel owner who was strangled and buried on a road, near Anna Maria Island in Florida. William Cumber was officially charged for her murder in 2012. It took 7 years for Cumber to admit that he killed Sabine Musil Buehler during an argument, according to WTSP-10 News. In 2015, he was convicted and sentenced to 20 years for her death. Keith Morrison will review all of the evidence in the case and walk viewers through what finally led up to his conviction. Expect to hear from family members and friends as they reflect on the loss of Sabine Musil Buehler.

It was in November 2008 when business woman Sabine Musil Buehler vanished into thin air. Buehler was the owner of Hayley’s Motel, a quaint resting spot for tourists and locals in Holmes Beach. When news of her disappearance broke, her husband and business partner Tom Buehler contacted police to file a missing persons report. Court records showed the couple was actually separated but still legally married, Dateline NBC will reveal.

A search was conducted for the missing woman using cadaver dogs. But, the search turned up nothing. Right away, police zeroed in on Tom Buehler, and two other men, which included William Cumber. At first, it didn’t appear that Sabine Musil Buehler was a victim of foul play. But, that later changed after her car was found with blood inside it and some pieces of carpet missing. Tom Buehler quickly told police that he believed something terrible had happened to his wife because it was unlike her to disappear without having any contact with her many friends and family.


Dateline NBC will show that during the initial police investigation, William Cumber admitted that he had a disagreement with Sabine Musil Buehler but stated that she left on her own, and that he had no idea what might have happened to her. Law enforcement officials later revealed to the public that Cumber was definitely a “person of interest” in the case. Off of the tranquil waters of Ana Maria Island, several searches were conducted over the years, including in 2009, 2010, and 2011. A year after her disappearance, friends and family members were still holding vigils for their beloved Sabine, whom most remembered as a woman who enjoyed life and had a beautiful spirit.


The missing persons case was finally solved in 2012 after 43-year-old William Cumber admitted to killing her. According to Breadenton Herald, Cumber told police that Sabine Musil Buehler became annoyed when she smelled cigarette smoke on him. After leaving the room, William Cumber returned to the living room area where Sabine was on the coach putting on her shoes.

It was then that an enraged Cumber struck Buehler in the head with his fist twice. Stunned by the blow, a fearful Sabine Musil Buehler covered her face before William Cumber grabbed her around the throat to choke her. Once he realized that she was dead, he snatched a sheet off of the bed, wrapped her body in it, drug her out to the car, and threw the body in the back seat.

Then, William Cumber drove out to a road near Anna Maria Island and buried the body in the sand to cover up the crime and avoid going back to prison. Detectives suspected that Sabine Musil Buehler’s body had been buried on the beach but realized that the area where it was found was a road that they had not searched before. William Cumber also said that in addition to smoking, he had mostly likely consumed around 6-8 beers that same night.

Dateline NBC’s newest episode airs tonight at 10/9 central. Read up on Inquisitr‘s previous Dateline NBC article about a New Port Beach murder.

Listen to William Cumber’s murder confession here.

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