Misty Green And Christopher Calvin: Mom, Dad Jailed After Toddler Burned In Horrifying Home, Police Charge

Christopher Calvin and Misty Green are the dad and mom of six children all living in one small house in Cabin Creek, West Virginia. But what police called the “deplorable” conditions inside that house and what happened earlier this week to one of littlest of those kids has now landed the parents behind bars, charged with child neglect resulting in the injury of a child, WSAZ-TV News reported Thursday.

Police responded on Thursday to a call from Children First Agency, a private group that works with the state to provide children’s and family support services that had somehow become aware of the way that the 40-year-old Calvin and 36-year-old Green kept — or in this case, failed to keep — their home on Cabin Creek Road.

The bizarre reasons why the couple claimed they allowed their home to become a house of horrors were perhaps the most infuriating aspect of the investigation.

When the police investigators arrived, what they found outside was disturbing, with trash and debris strewn and piled in the yard of the home. But what they discovered when they went inside the house was horrifying — and repulsive.

The cops found a house with six kids but no beds for any of them to sleep in. But even without beds, the house was infested — with bed bugs. According to an account from WVAH-TV in Charleston, West Virginia, the officers entered the house on Thursday morning to find two of the children sitting on a couch, with at least one of those kids crawling with the bugs.

But that wasn’t even the worst of what they found inside the home. Watch a local TV news report from WCHS-TV that features details of the unsettling case in the video below.

The interior of the home, just like the exterior, was covered in garbage and other filth. There was very little food in the house, and the officers made note of feces smears covering the walls.

Heat in the home came from a single wood-burning stove or fireplace that had no protective covering or door. On Monday, according to the reports filed by police, Christopher Calvin had filled a metal bucket with glowing, hot ashes from the stove, but he didn’t notice his 19-month-old son who came running toward him.

The boy ran straight into the scalding, hot metal bucket. As a result, the child suffered a massive, foot-long burn on his abdomen.

But Calvin and Green never sought medical treatment for the child’s burn.

Christopher Calvin Misty Green house
Exterior of house where Christopher Calvin Misty Green were arrested (Photo via WCHS Screen Capture)

Why? According to what Misty Green told police on Thursday, they didn’t believe the child needed to see a doctor, because the little boy, after a while, stopped crying. Also, the couple’s 17-year-old son took a look at the burn and told his parents that it didn’t look too bad, saying that in his opinion, no medical attention was necessary for the toddler.

Police described the little boy’s stomach burn as a foot long and four or five inches wide, and West Virginia State Police Sergeant called the wound “just awful,” adding that the parents’ failure to get treatment for the small child’s burn “shocking to the conscience.”

So why didn’t Calvin and Green bother to clean their house, allowing it to degenerate into the hideous condition in which police found the place?

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According to what Christopher Calvin told the investigators, Green would never let the house be cleaned because every time they tried to clean, they ended up in a big fight.

Misty Green also had an excuse for why she failed to give adequate care to her children, telling investigating officers that Calvin insisted that she devote all of her attention to him.

Christopher Calvin and Misty Green were jailed pending a $50,000 cash bond on the child neglect charges.

[Images via West Virginia State Police]