Strange Noise Mystifying And Freaking Out Oregon Neighborhood Residents — Are Aliens To Blame?

Danny Cox - Author

Nov. 7 2016, Updated 7:32 p.m. ET

There are many things that a lot of people don’t understand and are beyond the comprehension of what someone can think. Then again, many things are easily explainable or can even be understood with some thought and research. Residents in a neighborhood in Forest Grove, Oregon, are of the former group, as there is a “mystery noise” that is resonating, and not a single person has been able to figure out what it is or where it’s coming from.

According to KGW, the weird and strange noise has been freaking out people in Forest Grove, and it’s one that remains a mystery to everyone. For weeks, the noise has been piercing the night and scaring everyone, but even more so, it is now annoying them.

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Resident Paula Lynch had also captured the noise on her cell phone camera and posted it to Facebook. She had deleted the video, as she thought the high amount of activity was bothering people, but she put it up again. Once again, though, it has since been deleted and removed from her Facebook page.

She put up a caption with the video to kind of explain what has been going on and what people thought it may be. Lynch even said that a lot of things have been ruled out, and it’s still confusing to so many.

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“I am reposting this video. I deleted it as I thought the activity might be annoying people, but this morning I have received messages from people wanting to see it. This is a random screeching sound that has been happening for the last seven days. It has only happen 5 times total. Usually during the day, but twice late Friday night. I posted in hope a utility worker way know the cause and point me in the right direction for notification. This is not a sound generated by regular daily things from neighbors, or business. The pitch and volume are WAY more intense that of chain saws, animals, gates, horns, security alarms, etc. None of the neighbors have a clue either. It is happening by the Foresty Center.”

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Dave Nemeyer is the fire marshal of the Forest Grove Fire and Rescue in the community, and he spoke with ABC News about the noise. He said that some residents believe it to be coming from the middle of the street and have spoken to him about it, but he has “no idea what the noise is.”

Nemeyer gave his thoughts on it and said one resident believes the screeching sound appears to be that of metal train tracks. The only problem is there are no train tracks nearby, so this thought can be ruled out completely.

Other possibilities that have been ruled out are wildlife, water valves, a commercial fire alarm, and a gas leak. None of those things are causing the noise, but other assumptions and suggestions are being explored and checked out.

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Suggestions are coming in from all over the place, and some do seem feasible.

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Others have wondered if the noise is being made by aliens or if a ghost of some kind is creating the mystifying noise that is bothering Forest Grove.

Making things even stranger is that some residents say the noise has been heard a “couple of times” and usually wakes them up at night. Other residents have said they have heard the noise for weeks and weeks and that it can happen at any time of the day or night.

Authorities don’t believe the sound is hazardous or a danger to the public, but Forest Grove Police Captain Mike Herbs says that all possibilities are being explored and even joked a bit about it.

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“It’s an alien mother ship or a warning sign of something to come. We feel there’s a logical explanation for it.”

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Residents in Forest Grove, Oregon, do not have any earthly idea what is making the loud screeching and shrieking noise that is bothering their community. Some think there is a logical explanation for it, while others believe it really could be otherworldly or aliens, but everyone hopes it is figured out and stopped soon.

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