‘SMITE’ Coming To PS4 With Exclusives, But No Cross-Play With PC

Hi-Rez Studios third-person MOBA, SMITE, has had a successful run on the PC and Xbox One. Now, it is coming to the PlayStation 4. The Atlanta-based developer announced an alpha test for Sony’s console went live on Friday with a closed beta headed for arrival in March. The free-to-play title is receiving some PlayStation exclusive skins. However, cross-play with the PC is not in the cards for now.

Those interested in joining the SMITE alpha should head to the game’s official website to sign-up. This also counts as a sign-up for the beta in case you don’t get into the alpha test.

Purchasing the SMITE Founder’s Pack will also guarantee entry into the closed beta. The pack costs $29.99 and unlocks all current gods in the game as well as future characters yet to be released. It also comes with 400 Gems to spend in the in-game store, Ymir’s “C4codemon” skin, and Ares’ “Soldier of Fortune” skin.

The SMITE Ultimate God Pack, which also gives all current and future gods, will become available once the Founder’s Pack is removed from sale.

SMITE (PS4, PC, Xbox One) [Image via PlayStation Blog]PlayStation 4 exclusive skins will also become available during the closed beta. This includes the Odin “World’s Collide” skin, which rewards players for linking their PlayStation Network accounts with their Hi-Rez PC accounts. Additionally, all PS Plus members will receive the “KuKu4” skin for Kulkulkan free.

Similar to the Xbox One early beta days, there is currently no way to transfer over gods purchased on the PC version to the PS4 edition of the game. This was eventually added to the Xbox One prior to launch. A FAQ posted by Hi-Rez Studios stated that it is working with Sony to determine if this feature is possible.

Hi-Rez Studio has also ruled out the possibility of cross-play between the PS4 and PC. The developer admits that it is technically possible, but “not in [their] current plans.”

The decision is an interesting one, as cross-play has been a big selling point for games such as Rocket League and Final Fantasy XIV. Additionally, the competing third-person MOBA Paragon from Epic Games is currently in beta test for the PS4 and PC with cross-play support between the two platforms.

For those unfamiliar with SMITE, the premise is similar to leading MOBAs such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. The game features multiple pantheons of gods and deities based on Norse, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, and Mayan mythologies, as well as the Hindu religion.

Players will be able to choose from a selection of free rotating gods plus they can unlock gods using currency earned in-game or purchased with real world money. Of course, the Founder’s Pack and Ultimate God Pack just unlocks all characters and is likely the single best deal available.

The primary difference between SMITE and competing MOBAs is also the reason the game works well on consoles. It utilizes a third-person, over the shoulder camera versus the top-down camera used in Dota 2 and League of Legends. It is heavy on action, and currently offers several different control schemes for console players. Hi-Rez Studios has been tweaking and adding Xbox One control schemes based on feedback from players.

The game currently includes the traditional 5v5 Conquest mode with three lanes, as well as other modes of play.

Arena is a five on five open brawl that is good for starting players to get a handle on their gods and basic concepts of the game.

There’s a 3v3 Joust game mode with one lane, plus a Siege mode that features two lanes and a super minion called Siege Juggernaut that needs to be destroyed before it runs over all your team’s objectives.

Hi-Rez Studios will also host special “Match of the Day” modes that contain unique rules or modifiers for matches. The game is constantly being updated on PS4, but it is behind the PC version.

[Image via PlayStation Blog]