Marines Cover ‘Call Me Maybe’ [Video]

Have a loved one in the Marines? You should call them, maybe. A group of marines stationed at the Kandahar air base in Afghanistan have jumped on the cover video bandwagon with their own version of “Call Me Maybe.”

And why not? The Carly Rae Jepsen song has been covered by just about everyone. (Check out Cookie Monster, Star Wars, President Obama, and Miss USA contestants singing Jepsen’s hit song.)

The video was produced by Eric Raum. Raum said that the video was made on a lunch break and didn’t cost anything to make.

Raum writes on his blog:

“We showed up in the afternoon, and in true Marine fashion, everyone patiently listened, paid close attention, and within 30 minutes, had the dance down…. We roamed around base grabbing people from all lines of service to bust out their own dance moves for the rest of the video.”

Raum said that the video, entitled “Call Me Maybe: Military Style,” shows the individual personalities of the soldiers.

Raum said:

“Sometimes people think of the military in a de-humanized way. They hear ‘military’ and they think of it as a whole. What I’ve learned over here is how incredibly diverse each person is. Different hobbies, different skills, even different dance moves. I am always amazed at the amount of talent and creativity I see out here and it is a blessing to have the opportunity to show a glimpse of that to people back home.”

Here’s the Marines version of “Call Me Maybe.”

What do you think of the video? Isn’t it nice to see our soldiers having a good time?