‘The 100’ Spoilers Season 3 Episode 6: War Or Drugs? [Video]

The 100 is still at war with all that happened in the last episode. But now that a powerful new drug has entered the scene in episode 6, titled “Bitter Harvest,” there may be some new thoughts on just how much the Arkers and the Grounders really want to shed more blood.

According to TV Guide, Clarke’s little speech to Lexa at the end of the last episode of The 100 may take a back seat to what is now coming. The real question is whether or not the Arkers will escalate the conflict or remain still. It is quite script flip for their two opposing sides, but it seems to be happening.

So in the middle of the conflict is Clarke’s feelings about whether or not they choose peace and wait them out or if they chooses vengeance and gives Pike and company a little taste of their own medicine.

Octavia is busy working on a solution with Kane, given that she is now at odds with her brother, Bellamy, on The 100. But episode 6 will give them another chance to stave off the conflict and bring about a more peaceful resolution.

This episode of The 100 is going to be a bit of nail-biter for fans of Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Bellamy (Bob Morley). They are both at a serious impasse about how things should proceed moving forward and it could lead to one of their deaths, which fans of The 100 would hate to see for either character.

Avgeropoulos spoke with TV Guide, about what’s to come for the two characters and it could mean there is some heartbreak in store for fans of The 100.

“She’s [Octavia] constantly struggling to do what’s best for her people, but she also cares about her brother so much,” Avgeropoulos told TV Guide.” In Season 3, she also has a lot of struggles with her brother again. There’s going to be a lot of wars and Bellamy and Octavia are on opposing sides.”

What makes episode 6 so surprising on The 100 is that she would not break from her brother’s side in season 2, especially near the end at Mount Weather. But those kinds of feelings may indeed be a thing of the past.

What fans of The 100 already know is that in the last episode, things between Clarke and Bellamy have become so strained that he would not even give her the time of day when she tried to convince him to call off the aggressions. As a matter of fact, he handcuffed her and sent her off to the internment. Luckily though, Octavia proved to be of some use to her, even though she and Clarke still haven’t been seeing eye to eye on many issues.

Lexa was already prepared for war in the previous episode and she was giving Clarke the chance she asked for by trying to finding a diplomatic approach to ending the conflict before anyone else had to die. Her motto, as well as her people, was to meet violence with violence. And so the cycle continues.

That is why it was so surprising for fans of The 100 to see that Lexa had ultimately bowed to Clarke’s wishes to abstain from the conflict and allow the deaths of the 300 (in their sleep) to go without the proper justice. It seems that Lexa’s love for Clarke may just be the tide that tamed the beast.

But as evidenced in the trailer for episode 6 of The 100, there is going to be a new drug introduced into the mix and that could lead to a calming of aggressions, but could also lead to a whole new crisis when the smoke clears.

[Image via The CW]