Miranda Lambert & Gwen Stefani Race To Altar In Showdown? Blake Shelton & Anderson East Victims In Wedding War

“Wedding Wars” might sound like a good name for a reality TV show, but Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert just may be the only players in the game of whether Blake Shelton’s current girlfriend or ex-wife can make it first to the alter. That puts the current boyfriend of Miranda, Anderson East, off on the sidelines, but Lambert is determined to tie the knot first, according to a source cited by Hollywood Life.

Anderson has only been with Miranda for two months, but Lambert has her eyes on the prize of jump-starting her marriage with East before her ex, according to the same source.

“They’ve discussed taking their relationship to the next level and for both of them, that means one thing: marriage,” said the source.

However, that insider also revealed that for Miranda, the focus is more on outdoing Stefani than on leaping into marriage. Lambert is angry that Blake rebounded so quickly from the end of their own marriage to the start of his new romance, and Miranda does not plan to forgive and forget. Instead, according to the source via Hollywood Life, Lambert sees getting married before The Voice coaching couple as a way for her to one-up them.

Is Miranda Lambert planning an engagement? Is Miranda Lambert planning an engagement? [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]“Miranda is determined to beat Gwen to the altar. Miranda will never forgive Gwen for having such a public romance with Blake so soon after their divorce. Beating Gwen to the altar is a way for her to have the last laugh,” added the source.

And it isn’t a one-sided race to the altar, because Lambert has a contender in Stefani, according to that insider.

“Both women want to win,” revealed the source. “Gwen and Miranda are both determined to outdo their first marriages — and each other!”

For Lambert, tying the knot first is the best way to get revenge on Shelton and his new girlfriend, according to Enstarz.

Miranda has lagged behind when it comes to romance. While Anderson and Lambert did not begin dating until November and have only shown serious PDA once on Instagram, her ex and Stefani have flaunted their hot hook-up all over the place, from social media to Grammy parties, since beginning their romance in November.

With Stefani reportedly in the know when it comes to just how much Miranda wants to beat her to the altar, it’s turned into a real race as to who will get married first in the contest of the crooners.

Can Miranda Lambert win wedding wars? Can Miranda Lambert win wedding wars?[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Big Barrel]Both Blake’s current girlfriend and his ex-wife allegedly have some anger and resentment against the other, according to an insider cited by Hollywood Life.

Although Lambert is upset that her former husband began dating so soon after he and Miranda divorced, she’s stayed in touch with Shelton even after they broke up. The fact that Lambert has remained connected to the country crooner while dating her is upsetting to Stefani.

On her side, Lambert feels that by Stefani flaunting her romance with Shelton so blatantly, the so-called “girl code” got broken, pointed out the source quoted by Hollywood Life.

“Gwen paraded her romance with Blake like it was some big prize she won at the county fair, to make her feel better about the end of her marriage to Gavin Rossdale. It wasn’t fair and it wasn’t nice. Gwen broke all girl codes in the book.”

Miranda is able to retaliate, though, and she hasn’t held back. On her side, Lambert has the ability to interact with her ex, including texts and phone calls.

“Miranda doesn’t hold back when she communicates with Blake, whether it’s through texts that she knows Gwen will see, phone calls or through mutual friends. Gwen feels Miranda is hurt and acting out when she does it. But even though she knows that, it doesn’t sting any less,” added the insider.

As to what Lambert wants? Some form of closure, according to the insider. And that could mean that Miranda will stage a showdown, according to the insider.

“That is what will give [Lambert] the closure she needs,” claimed the source.

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