Adele Was Too Grief Stricken To Perform Amy Winehouse Tribute With George Michael

Adele was asked to perform an Amy Winehouse tribute with George Michael following the singers death in 2011 but was to grief-stricken to perform the tribute during a charity show honoring Elizabeth Taylor.

George Michael wanted to perform the duet during the fundraising event he had put together in London and he personally approached Adele and asked if she would sing Amy Winehouse’s “Love is a Losing Game” with him.

Just four months after her friend died Adele simply wasn’t ready to honor her and Michael told London’t Heart 106.2 radio:

“We communicated by email … and initially what I wanted was for us to sing “Love is a Losing Game” by Amy Winehouse at the Elizabeth Taylor tribute I did at Covent Garden.

“She was basically telling me she couldn’t even … she tried to put one of (Winehouse’s) songs in her own set and she couldn’t even get through it. I think they knew each other from the Brits School (The BRIT School for Performing Arts). “They’re obviously musical goddesses, but I think the tragedy would have been too much for her.”

While Adele turned down the offer last year George Michael says he would still love to team up with the 21 singer once she has given birth. Michael understands that Adele’s focus at this time is on giving birth and not writing music but we have a feeling he’ll wait her out because as he plainly put it:

“I would love to do a track with her. I think she has no plans other than to have a baby right now, and I think she wants to lay low for a while and gather herself and to then come back to us relatively soon with some more music, and I’d love to be involved when that happens. She’s lovely.”

A tribute or some other type of George Michael and Adele duet may have occurred earlier however Adele missed the last several months of her December appearances after going under the knife to fix her damaged vocal chords.