Miley Cyrus Wants Liam Hemsworth Wedding “To Be Like A Flaming Lips Concert” [Report]

Miley Cyrus is allegedly looking to throw a “psychedelic wedding” when she ties the knot with Liam Hemsworth.

According to a new report by, Cyrus is looking to pull out all the stops when she and Hemsworth wed, and that involves a pretty outrageous ceremony.

“Miley wants her wedding to be like a Flaming Lips concert, in other words fun, crazy and colorful,” a source close to Cyrus allegedly told HollywoodLife of Miley’s pretty zany plans for her upcoming wedding to Liam Hemsworth.

“Miley wants a psychedelic wedding that will forever be embedded in her head! Flaming Lip concerts are known for being really outrageous and anything goes,” the source continued to the site earlier this week, adding that in Miley’s mind the more “bizarre” her big ceremony is “the better.”

“That’s exactly the kind of dream wedding Miley has in mind,” the Miley Cyrus insider added, confessing that Miley and Liam will likely have a destination wedding “that will last at minimum three days.”


The report that Cyrus and Hemsworth are planning an all-out party when they tie the knot comes just days after Life & Style claimed that Miley and Liam had already secretly wed in a private Australian ceremony in January, which an insider described as being “very emotional.”

“They both said a few words on the spot and then Liam asked everyone in his family to hold a candle,” an eyewitness supposedly told Life & Style of the wedding, adding that “he and Miley both lit a candle during the ceremony and told guests “it represented the eternal flame of their love.”

However, HollywoodLife‘s source is claiming that rumors Cyrus and Hemsworth are already husband and wife are not true and admitted that “Miley and Liam are actually still in the midst of planning their special day.”

A source close to Miley and Liam also denied the recent surprise wedding report to GossipCop, stating that rumors of a secret wedding between Cyrus and Hemsworth are “untrue” and adding that the recently reunited couple are not yet married.

While Miley and her man may not have taken a walk down the aisle just yet, it sounds like it probably won’t be too long before Cyrus becomes Mrs. Hemsworth.


According to RadarOnline, Miley wants to marry her fiancée as soon as possible, even if it means there’s no time for her lawyers to draw up a prenuptial agreement to protect her multi-million dollar fortune – much to the dismay of her family and friends.

“Miley’s family and management team is not going to let her marry Liam without an ironclad prenup in place,” a source told RadarOnline of Miley’s plans to race down the aisle, adding that Cyrus allegedly told those close to her that “a prenup doesn’t even matter” to her.

And it sounded like those close to Cyrus weren’t too positive when it came to Miley and Liam’s recently rekindled romance and whirlwind engagement.

“Everyone is predicting the worst possible outcome in this situation and fears that Liam is going to leave her high and dry like he did last time,” an insider close to the couple supposedly told RadarOnline of Cyrus’ family fears that the couple will suddenly break-up once again.

“Her family accepts that she is in love with him and that they are back together again. But no one is about to let him take her fortune and run,” the insider said.

What do you think of reports that Miley Cyrus is planning an over-the-top wedding in the near future and isn’t planning on signing a prenuptial agreement with Liam Hemsworth?

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