Taylor Swift Takes Lead In Kanye West Feud With Selena Gomez, Calvin Harris, & Ed Sheeran On Team Taylor

Taylor Swift fuels feud.

Taylor Swift may look back at recent events and laugh, but it could take awhile before she achieves that point. From getting dissed by Kanye West on his album and during a backstage meltdown on Saturday Night Live (which the world now knows about thanks to a leaked audio tape) to receiving a statue with a middle finger salute, Taylor has experienced some of the odder moments of the celebrity life as well as the joys. But with pals like Ed Sheeran and Selena Gomez and a boyfriend like Calvin Harris, Swift is not just surviving but thriving.

And when it comes to her off-again-on-again feud with Kanye, Taylor seems to be winning, reported E! News.

Swift initially made no response when West’s “Famous” song featured lyrics about Taylor. In his song, he took credit for making “that b*tch famous.”

But it proved wise for Swift to wait, because she used her Grammy acceptance speech for Album of the Year to fight back.

Taylor Swift performs.

“I want to say to all the young women out there… There are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame,” said Taylor pointedly. “But if you just focus on the work and you don’t let those people sidetrack you, someday, when you get where you are going, you will look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. And that will be the greatest feeling in the world.”

That powerful speech from Swift apparently targeted its intended recipient, because when Kanye’s SNL meltdown audio tape got leaked, he dissed Taylor in very explicit language.

Still seeking to take the high road, Swift has been focusing on other aspects of her life. Taylor showed her delight when her pal Ed Sheeran finally won a Grammy, and she followed it up with a sweet birthday message, reported the New York Daily News.

Looking back on the highlights of my life, there's a moment I'll never forget from a day in London about two years ago. I was in town to play the O2 and I was out shopping on my day off. My friend Ed Sheeran met up with me in this little shop where I was buying ballet shoes. He walks in and says "you have to hear this new song. I think it's the best one I've ever written." And then, as usual, he pulls out his phone and gives me headphones. I sat there on a bench in that store and heard 'Thinking Out Loud' for the first time, as little kids were picking out tutus and leotards next to us. Little did we know it would go on to be first dance song at countless weddings all over the world, become Ed's biggest hit, and eventually go on to win him Song of the Year at the 2016 Grammys. Ed and I had been on tour together all year on the Red Tour and we saw each other almost every day. I lived for the moments he would burst into my dressing room with a new song to play me. It happened so often that it became normal, and I don't think he ever knew how much it meant to me that he wanted me to hear his songs first. I don't think he ever knew how inspired I was by his drive and passion to constantly create new art. But it's his 25th birthday today, so I'm saying it now. You deserve everything you have, and everything you will continue to achieve, Ed. And an extra congratulations to the incredible Amy Wadge on your two Grammys.

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“I don’t think he ever knew how inspired I was by his drive and passion to constantly create new art,” shared Swift on social media. “You deserve everything you have, and everything you will continue to achieve, Ed.”

With that gracious note, Taylor set the tone for her style, and Swift even maintained it when she was awarded an statue shaped like a middle finger, reported Us Weekly.

The statue addition to her trophy mantel came amid Taylor’s feud with Kanye West and only a few days following her delight in receiving three Grammy Awards. Swift delivered her acceptance via a video that had been pre-recorded for the ceremony held in south London.

“Hey guys, it’s Taylor. I wanted to thank you for voting me NME International Solo Artist. I got the award in the mail, and I gotta be honest with you about this: When you first open up the box, this feels a little aggressive,” admitted Swift.

The 26-year-old removed the huge bronze middle finger from the award box.

“First impressions were a little weird here, but now I understand that this is actually like a strange compliment,” added Taylor.

Taylor Swift seeks to soar despite Kanye West.

Swift wasn’t the only one surprised. Some fans of the NME Awards were, too, revealing their shock on Twitter.

As for those solidly on Team Taylor, Swift has her boyfriend Calvin Harris definitely in her corner. When Taylor was crying at the Grammy Awards, it was Calvin to the rescue to comfort her, a source told Hollywood Life.

Harris, 32, soothed his 26-year-old singer girlfriend’s upset state over a small mistake in her performance.

“Calvin knew exactly what to say to make Taylor feel better about her Grammy performance. A lot of guys might have brushed off her feelings, but Calvin totally validated her. He’s just as much of a perfectionist as she is, so he understands why it bothered her so much,” said the source.

In addition to her boyfriend, Swift has her BFF Selena Gomez by her side. Selena also consoled Taylor over that missed note, reported Us Weekly.

The tearful situation occurred after she performed “Out of the Woods” at the Grammys, and tearful Swift was seen getting consoled by Gomez.

What to do with so many emotional moments? Taylor is taking them all, fueled by her fury over her feud with West, and pouring them into new pop songs, a source told Hollywood Life.

“The only good thing about him picking on her is that it’s giving her good inspiration for song writing,” revealed the source.

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