Perrie Edwards’ Verdict On Zayn Malik’s Song: ‘Don’t Give A F***’?

Perrie Edwards has moved on. It seems like she really doesn’t care anymore. After Zayn Malik debuted his song “It’s You,” it’s obvious that he can’t really stop singing songs about their relationship. And while she was busy crying over her relationship, it looks like she doesn’t care anymore.

It becomes very clear in this song sourced from Daily Star when one examines the lyrics of Zayn Malik’s song:

“She got her own reason for talking to me.”

He then slams the ex: “She don’t give a f*** about what I need”.

“Tell me your lies because I just can’t face it”.

But he doesn’t stop there. He goes on to talk about his heartache and the apparent pain that Perrie Edwards gave him. The singer says he won’t “cover the scar”.

“I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!
Cover the scar
I’ll let it be
So my silence
So my silence won’t
Be mistaken for believing
Am I wrong for wanting us to make it?”

Which is to say that he was going to express what he felt, and Zayn Malik has made it clear time and again that taking to social media gives him an outlet to express his feelings, Daily Mail had said. When asked why he kept his life private in his music, he said:

“There’s always a fine line with that. I just felt like I needed to put myself out there a bit on that because it was a form of therapy for me, and it did help me get through some s**t. So if it can help someone else at that time, then that’s cool.””

That’s how the Zayn Malik song goes, but what does our Li’l Miss Perrie have to say about it? It looks like she “don’t give a f***” either.

“If she heard the song a few months ago she would have had more of an emotional reaction to it, but her tears about the breakup are not there anymore. She has moved on,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Sure she is interested in hearing the songs about her but she is in a good place right now and can hear them with an open heart and an open mind. If these songs help him get over the relationship then she is happy because she is now over it herself.”

“Zayn had his emotions over the breakup that he needed to get out of him, and it needed to be put on paper,” the insider added. “He wrote a lot of songs geared towards Perrie but this one spoke volumes and said the words he needed to say about the situation. He wrote it to finally get over her.”

Is Zayn Malik really done with Perrie Edwards forever? Could this be the outlet he needed. Things got really hot back in 2013, when Perrie and Zayn were engaged in August after being together for about a year, E Online has said. He had also decided to part ways with One Direction to start a solo music career. However, Perrie and Zayn were hit by cheating rumors, and the relationship didn’t last too long, Daily Mail has said.

Even after the break up, it seemed like Zayn and Perrie just could not get over each other. They have also been reported to be taking to social media to show how they feel about each other in cryptic messages.

Do you think Perrie Edwards really doesn’t care anymore? Was Zayn Malik’s new song about Perrie Edwards and really a way to get over her? What do you think Perrie Edwards’ next move should be?

[Phtoto By Robin Marchant/ Getty Images]