Lady Gaga Is A Tough Act To Follow: How Can She Top Her Grammy Performance For The Oscars?

Lady Gaga, just two weeks after her magnificent performance at the Grammy Awards, must perform again at the Oscars. It is unimaginable that she could top her David Bowie tribute performance, so how will she handle yet another very prestigious performance so soon? The Oscars will be held on February 28. This doesn’t leave her much time to plan something epic.

The Lady Gaga tribute to David Bowie, as reported by the Inquisitr, was a trip backin time, only with better technical. It was an amazing sensory experience that was absolutely captivating from start to finish. The audience was spellbound, and people just want to see it over and over. It is just hard to imagine anything could possibly be more entertaining.

Lady Gaga at the 87th Annual Academy Awards - Show
Lady Gaga performed in last year's Academy Awards Show Wearing this white ruffled dress (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Lady Gaga will not only be performing at the Academy Awards, she is also nominated for an award. This video explains that she was working on her David Bowie tribute when she received the news that she was nominated for an award herself. “Till it Happens to You” is up for Best Original Song, according to a very convenient list of nominations on Pop Sugar. Lady Gaga co-wrote the song “Till it Happens to You” with songwriter Diane Warren and performed it for the movie The Hunting Ground.

It is assumed that Lady Gaga will perform the song she was nominated for, “Till it Happens to You.” When we view her performance of that song, we can see it is completely different from the David Bowie tribute. Of course, so is the national anthem, and her Super Bowl performance was absolutely stellar. Still, we know that Lady Gaga feels an obligation to make all of these performances stand out as unforgettable. How on Earth can she top a David Bowie medley with high-tech special effects and exciting costumes at the Oscars?

Lady Gaga will have to consider the nature of the Oscars and the level of culture expected for The Academy. Even if she could duplicate the technical level of performance at the Grammy Awards, it would not fit in with the more traditional image of the Academy Awards. The presentation of “Till it Happens to You” is very classical and features an orchestra, so perhaps it is a very good choice for an event like this. But here’s the real question: What will she do to customize the song for the Oscars so that it will be set apart from her other performances of the same song? Everyone is very eager to find out, but so far, no one has leaked so much as a clue.

Singer Lady Gaga attends The 58th GRAMMY Awards. Her performance is a memorial to David Bowie. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for NARAS]
Lady Gaga in a lovely blue gown at the Grammy Awards. What will she wear to the Oscars?(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for NARAS)

Until the big day, we will all just have to imagine what might come next. What will Lady Gaga wear? Will there be a different arrangement of the song? Will there be dancers, and if so, what will the choreography be like? We will just have to wait and see. What we do know is that it will be spectacular and amazing.

Lady Gaga has had an unprecedented year. She sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl, then created the most spectacular musical presentation ever in the history of the Grammy Awards. Now, she is presented with the honor of performing at the Academy Awards. This is definitely her year to shine.

Lady Gaga has made a lasting impression on the world in 2016, and it is only February. What next?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]