‘Star Wars 8’ News: John Boyega Hints At Finn And Poe Dameron Gay Romance

One of the most hotly disputed aspects of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the possible romance between John Boyega’s Finn and Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron.

Did it actually exist? Did Oscar Isaac and John Boyega put it in this aspect of the pair’s bromance on purpose? Or was the internet just seeing things?

At the moment, all we have as evidence is their interactions in The Force Awakens. But now John Boyega has teased that there could actually be more to his character’s relationship with the sensational Resistance pilot.

Boyega admitted that, at the moment, he believes the relationship between the duo is just friendly. But that doesn’t mean it won’t blossom into a romance in the very future.

Speaking to the Radio Times, John Bodega explained his position.

“As far as I’m concerned when JJ [Abrams] sat us down to go through the script, it was bromance. But now I’m learning what Mark Hamill said before, when he didn’t know that Darth Vader was Luke’s father — you never know what they’re going to pull.”

And John Boyega is insistent that Star Wars fans would love to see Poe and Finn get together. In fact, Boyega talked about how a simple video of himself working out with Oscar Isaac egging him on sent Star Wars fans crazy.

“What’s so funny, I posted a video the other day of myself working out, skipping, and in the background Oscar is just like, ‘Yeah, baby go on,’ and people just went crazy,” John Boyega continued.

Obviously, you all now want to see the video of John Boyega being encouraged by Oscar Isaac. You can have a peek at it below.

It doesn’t really sound as though John Boyega has an update regarding Finn’s sexual orientation just yet, though. But he’s on the case to find out, and he’s going to keep a very close eye on director Rian Johnson to see if he can learn any new clues regarding the film.

“I’m looking at the director Rian closely so he can get me involved early,” John Boyega explained. “So I can prepare myself. So who knows?”

It’s been quite the week for John Boyega. Last weekend, the 23-year-old actor won the 2016 BAFTA Rising Star award, beating the likes of Bel Powley, Brie Larson, Dakota Johnson, and Taron Egerton to claim the prize.

This is only the beginning though, because John Boyega will return in the Star Wars franchise in at least Episode VIII and Episode IX. Earlier this month, Episode VIII started filming, with Rian Johnson and his Star Wars crew uploading footage of Daisy Ridley as Rey and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker as they filmed in Ireland.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will look to build on the monstrous success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh instalment to the beloved sci-fi space opera that has so far grossed $2.029 billion at the box office and is currently the third highest-grossing film of all time.

It speaks volumes of the expectations for The Force Awakens that this total was actually deemed a little bit disappointing, as some box office experts predicted that the blockbuster would actually eclipse the amount made by Titanic and Avatar, both of which were directed by James Cameron and were released in 1997 and 2009, respectively. Titanic grossed $2.1 billion, while Avatar currently sits on top with $2.7 billion.

[Image via Lucasfilm]