5 Seconds Of Summer Called Worst Band: Is Calum Hood Leaving Forever?

Chanel Adams

The band 5 Seconds of Summer celebrated their second win at the NME Awards. Unfortunately, it's not a particularly flattering award. The Australian band picked up the award for Worst Band.

Even though 5 Seconds of Summer hardly top the charts or get radio play, they have a dedicated group of fans who love their music. On Wednesday night, Feb. 17 at the 2016 NME Awards, the fans weren't happy when 5SOS won the Worst Band award. They beat out Little Mix, One Direction, Sleaford Mods, and U2.

The band were just as excited as they were last year to receive the award. Guitarist Michael Clifford took to twitter to react.

— アシュトン (@Ashton5SOS) February 18, 2016

It all started when he wrote on Instagram: "Not going to rehearsals today." As soon as he shared that, fans started to think of reasons why Hood has been skipping band rehearsals lately. Hood has also been noticeably absent from the band's recent red carpet appearances. Some think that it has to do with his new girlfriend, Nia Lovelis, according to Movie News Guide.

"5SOS' vocalist Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea's relationship is no secret. The two have already been confirmed to be officially dating. We even recently spotted them on a date, but also with them this time is bassist Calum Hood with Nia Lovelis, the drummer from another pop punk band called Hey Violet."

Instead of attending band rehearsals, Hood has been changing up his look to keep the rumors flowing. He revealed to Twist magazine that his new hairstyle was inspired by the hot Australian summers.

"Yeah, I just shaved it. It's very hot in Australia, so I was just like, 'I don't want to deal with this,'" he casually admitted.

The rumors first swirled back in December when Calum Hood hinted that he's thinking about leaving 5SOS someday after wanting to "live a normal life." A few hours later, Calum was seen making his way through LAX Airport. When asked by a TMZ photographer if he's considering leaving the band, the 19-year-old laughed and said, "oh f**k no."

He has since deleted he tweet, which received a ton of backlash from 5 Seconds of Summer fans. Meanwhile, other fans showed their support for the musician, tweeting the hashtag #WeLoveYouCalum across various social media platforms.

But would he really leave while the band is in the middle of a world tour and new album? They have teased on Snapchat and Twitter that they have been making new music in between band rehearsals and band sessions. Drummer Ashton Irwin announced that he started writing the first few lines of a new song.

— sophie (@Sophdabear) January 30, 2016

What are your thoughts? Do you think 5 Seconds of Summer deserved the award for Worst Band? Do you think Calum Hood is leaving the band? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]