‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian And Alexis’ Wedding Begins, Chaos Erupts And Lives Hang In The Balance

'General Hospital' stars William DeVry and Nancy Lee Grahn

Fans have quite the jam-packed episode ahead with Friday’s General Hospital. Spoilers tease that it is time for Alexis and Julian’s wedding, but there is also a big gun shipment set to hit the Port Charles docks and this one will shake things up enormously. Where are things headed in the February 19 show?

Viewers watched on Thursday’s show as Morgan overheard Dixon and Raj talking about the upcoming delivery, changing the time. General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode tease that Corinthos will apparently take matters into his own hands, and it could lead to disastrous results. He has been struggling since messing with his bipolar medications and it seems that trying to prove his worth to his father could put lives at risk.

Everybody is gathering for Alexis and Julian’s wedding, and We Love Soaps details that Lucas will have an opportunity to share some heartfelt insight about his adoptive father Tony. General Hospital spoilers share that this talk comes as he is with his biological father Julian ahead of the wedding. From the sounds of things, this is a touching moment of bonding between the two men.

Olivia will be chatting with Lulu, asking if she and Dante have patched up their differences and the Davis girls are seen with Alexis getting excited about the big ceremony. General Hospital spoilers note that Dante will confront Anna about what she is hiding, though she will surely keep much of what Paul shockingly disclosed to her to herself for now.

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Viewers will be seeing more heated moments between Sonny and Morgan during Friday’s show. Morgan blew up at Carly and Sonny during Thursday’s episode and it seems he gets volatile again when Sonny brings up his mental health issues. General Hospital spoilers tease that Morgan may try to tell his father what he overheard about the delivery, but when Sonny chastises him, Morgan seemingly heads off to handle things in his own way.

In addition, the mysterious mob boss Dixon meets up with Ava and Paul to orchestrate the final details of the delivery. He makes an ominous reference to knowing where to find them later, and General Hospital previews seem to detail that Dixon will be making an explosive appearance at Julian and Alexis’ wedding just as things are getting under way.

This sudden appearance by Dixon throws the entire chapel into chaos as many duck for cover and Nathan leaps into action. Raj made arrangements to use the Haunted Star for the night and General Hospital spoilers tease that there is some intense action there as well.

As the mob business plays out, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny will have a gun drawn on him. In addition, Lulu is pushed off the boat and into the water seemingly after walking in on Raj in the midst of his business. Morgan is at the docks with a gun, apparently ready to interfere with the gun delivery on Sonny’s behalf, and shots will be fired.

Though Friday’s episode will be jam-packed with action, viewers should brace themselves for a big cliffhanger. As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, the wedding will begin and the mob business chaos will start to shake things up, but most would imagine that Lulu’s fate and the ring of gunshots will wrap up the February 19 show and leave viewers hanging over the weekend.

Just how ugly will things get at the wedding and at the docks? Will anybody die as this all plays out? Tune in to Friday’s episode to see the drama begin and stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as tidbits regarding next week’s shows become available.

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