Nerf’s New Automatic Gun And ‘Battle Racer’ Will Make You Envious of Children [Watch]

Nerf is going to release a new blaster which fires Nerf balls at 68 miles per hour. And if you are in between the ages of about 18-25 — then you are probably resenting the toy company for not thinking of it during your childhood. reports that the fully automatic Nerf rifle is named the KHAOS MXVI-4000. In addition to ammunition, the KHAOS will also require to be loaded with D-sized batteries to keep the gun going.

But once the Nerf gun does get going — it comes full force.

[Image via YouTube] [Image via YouTube]According to The Verge, the new fully automatic Nerf gun will be released sometime this Fall. Hasbro announced their new Nerf assault rifle at New York City’s Toy Fair this past weekend.

Nerf has already released similar high velocity guns as a part of their Rival line in the past. But one Nerf Project engineer, Dan Matarese, claims that they’ve been working on Nerf’s “Rival” line for 4 and a half years.

During its development, the Nerf team actually asked kids what they wanted in their Nerf gun which they responded to unanimously —




And they got it with the Nerf Khaos. Matarese says that the Apollo works best when it’s sitting right in front of you and the Golf ball inspired dimples keep it stable and accurate.

The balls are also made of the same Nerf material we’re all used to. The Nerf balls are bouncy as well and they bounce off of any surface that they hit — people and otherwise.

Nerf engineers also tested their innovative limits in 2014, when they unveiled the the ECS-12. Engadget reports that the toy-gun makers have previously created a semi-auto NERF blaster equipped with a small camera mounted on the barrel and a tiny screen on the stock.

This feature allows Nerf soldiers to lock their enemies onto the digital cross-hairs of their high-tech Nerf gun. This wasn’t a bad idea for a feature, considering kids were going to experience this during a round of Call of Duty anyway.

Nevertheless, these features from the older models have been tweaked to near perfection for the new automatic Nerf gun.

Makers of the new Nerf gun say that the impact from a pellet has a mild intensity akin to being hit from a weaponized slow-pitch softball machine. They also claim that they won’t leave any welts or bruises.

The blaster itself is larger and heavier than previous Nerf guns, and the clip alone is huge being able to hold 40 foam rounds in it!

[Image via YouTube] [Image via YouTube]The price of the new Nerf gun is just as hefty as its weight, listed at $69.99, The Verge added.

Again, totally unfair if you were born before circa 2005. However, you technically could just buy the gun for your “kids” and that you forgot to give it to them for their “birthday.”

But Nerf’s other new toy would be too improbable for most adults to fully enjoy anyway — The Nerf Battle Racer.


Auto Blog posted a video of the Nerf Battle Racer — a fully loaded pedal car which can hold an arsenal of Nerf Guns, and it doesn’t seem to have any adult sizes unfortunately.

Any kid riding around in the Nerf Battle Racer is bound to dominate any Nerf turf war as the vehicle has compartments for extra ammo and guns.

The Nerf Battle Racer was actually developed by the Swiss company Hauck Toys, however it is licensed by Hasbro, i.e. Nerf.

The maneuverability of the Nerf Battle Racer is also top-of-the line. Some of the specifications include ball-bearing hubs for each wheel, a free-wheel setting, and a handbrake, for performing sharp turns and even avoid incoming Nerf bullets.

The battle racer is already listed on Amazon and will set you back about $400 with limited supplies.

[Image via YouTube]