Juliette Labelle: Prince Harry’s Rumored New Girlfriend Posts Topless Photos Online, May Have Hinted At Relationship

Juliette Labelle is making headlines, as the alleged love interest of Prince Harry posted a racy topless photo online that has gone viral.

The picture appeared online this week, showing Labelle posing in what appeared to be a artful, black-and-white shot.

The Daily Mail Online reported that the topless photo may not actually be recent.

“Believed to have been taken last October, American PR-girl Juliette Labelle is pictured topless while sitting in-between the crumpled sheets of a king-sized bed.

“The 22-year-old aspiring actress, who puffs on a home-made cigarette in the arty black-and-white photograph, protects her modesty by placing a birthday cake emoji over her left nipple.”

Rumors began circulating last month that the 31-year-old Harry was dating 22-year-old Juliette after meeting her in Los Angeles over the New Year holiday. The two reportedly kept in touch and have seen each other quietly since that initial meeting.

“The Prince enjoyed hanging out with Juliette. She’s very much his type and they hooked up,” a source told the U.K.’s Sun. “She’s blonde, cool and well-connected. She’s also fun, confident and doesn’t mind showing off how sexy she is. And she has that boho free spirit he likes.”

The topless photo posted this week doesn’t appear too out of character for Juliette Labelle, who works at the fashion company Dior and has a number of racy pictures online. In one shot, she is topless laying face down while smoking a cigarette.

Labelle doesn’t appear to be lacking in confidence, either.

“The other night something happened that’s never happened before,” she posted, “There was someone at the table prettier than me.”

Prince Harry has been single since breaking up with Cressida Bonas in 2014, but has been connected to several women during that time, including rumors that he was continuing to hook up with Bonas. For her part, Juliette Labelle told the Sun that she did not know Prince Harry.


But at the same time, Labelle appeared to be feeding the rumors along. Last week, she posted a picture of herself in a bikini clutching a small dog. Along with the picture, she included the caption, “It’s getting really serious between us.”

Many, including the Daily Mail Online, speculated that the caption could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the rumors of a relationship with Prince Harry.

If there is a relationship between Prince Harry and Juliette Labelle, it may not be anything serious. Sources say that the two may not be looking for anything beyond the occasional hook-up.

“Juliette and Harry hit it off and had an instant connection,” a source told Us Weekly. “It will probably just end up being a short-term thing, but they’re texting and using a lot of emojis.”

Harry has also said publicly that he’s not too worried about rushing into a relationship or getting married.

“Hopefully I’m doing all right by myself,” he told Sky News in May. “It would be great to have someone else next to me to share the pressure. But, you know, time will come and whatever happens, happens.”

But Prince Harry may not have much company in his single days much more. His circle of friends, known for their fun-loving and partying lifestyle, have one-by-one settled down. Recently Harry’s close friend (and reported wingman) Tom Inskip got engaged to his long-term girlfriend.

Prince Harry’s alleged girlfriend has since gone private, turning off her social media accounts, but the Juliette Labelle topless photo has still been making the rounds and can be seen here.

[Image via Instagram]