‘Minecraft’ Tops Digital Sales Charts On PS4, New DLC Released For Windows 10

Despite the new release of several high-profile games for the PlayStation 4 that launched over the recent holiday season, Mojang and 4J Studios’ console edition of Minecraft managed to climb back up the digital sales charts to once again become the top downloaded PlayStation Network title on both the PS4 and PS3 for the month of January.

Minecraft‘s leading figures on the PlayStation Store were confirmed after Sony posted last month’s sales rankings on the official PlayStation Blog. The block-filled creation title managed to beat out several other big games in order to claim the top spot on Sony consoles.

Coming in behind Minecraft to round out the top three PlayStation 4 performers on the PS Network in January were hit indie title Rocket League, as well as Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V, which has also managed to repeatedly rank high on the list throughout the past years. On the PS3, Minecraft was followed by the popular shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops III and BioWare’s original Mass Effect Trilogy. The PS Vita version of Minecraft also appeared on the sales charts as the third-highest downloaded game on the Sony handheld.

Big holiday releases were located much further down the charts than what might be expected, including Bethesda’s Fallout 4 in 12th place and the recent Star Wars Battlefront reboot all the way down in the 17th spot. Of course, the network chart only includes digital sales made for the PlayStation 4, so the list isn’t indicative of a title’s overall performance since physical box sales aren’t factored into the numbers.

Minecraft PS3 Edition Title Minecraft originally launched on PS3 in 2013 [Image via Mojang]After originally releasing only on Xbox platforms, the console port of Minecraft eventually also became available on Sony’s PlayStation systems. The game dominated PS Store sales for many months after its PlayStation debut. This success came as no surprise at the time since Minecraft had already grown into a worldwide phenomenon long before it ever landed on the PS4 and PS3. As last month’s digital sales figures show, the PlayStation versions of Minecraft have remained a popular purchase for gamers, thanks in part to the support that publisher Mojang has continued to give to the PlayStation titles even after Microsoft’s purchase of the studio.

While Minecraft has managed to stay on the list of the PS Network’s best-selling digital titles in the years since its initial launch, the popular voxel game had lost its uncontested dominance in the sales charts as many new games and sales promotions have repeatedly managed to push Mincraft away from the number one spot. However, Minecraft is now fighting back to once again sit at the top after gaining more downloads than any other title on either the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 during the month of January.

Minecraft Redstone Update The Redstone Specialists DLC brings new skins to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition [Image via Microsoft]Besides enjoying the ongoing popularity of Minecraft among console gamers, Mojang also released a new update today for the Windows 10 beta edition of the title. This is part of big overhaul to the PC version of Minecraft that will include major changes from combat to flight. The Xbox Wire news site announced that this week’s Minecraft update introduces plenty of new ways to utilize redstone within the game.

Fans can also try out new character skins that were added alongside the update. Everyone can use a select few of the new looks for free, but players can also choose to purchase all 15 new skins as part of a newly offered Redstone Specialists DLC pack.

“Now that there are so many redstone goodies to play with in-game, players can have their character look the part of a redstone master, with a new pack of skins out today called the Redstone Specialists. These skins are inspired by the amazing types of redstone builds we’ve seen our community create, and you can download the Composer and Artisan skins to play with for free. If you’d like to sport the costumes of the rest of this pack of mad scientists and creators, you can grab the whole pack of 15 skins for $1.99 or local equivalent.”

Are you still hooked on Minecraft, or have you moved on to one of the many other sandbox creation games that exist on the market today?

[Image via Mojang]