‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Grouping Tool Getting More Functionality When ‘Thieves Guild’ DLC Launches

In March, the Grouping Tool in The Elder Scrolls Online will see a number of improvements. Alongside the release of the “Thieves Guild,” new rewards, more experience, and other changes will apply to the game’s Grouping Tool. All of the changes are designed to make the tool easier and more attractive to use shortening queue times and improving the system overall.

Grouping across alliances will definitely speed up the wait time when using the Grouping Tool in The Elder Scrolls Online. According to the information on the official site, players from all three alliances will be able to use the tool to group together for four-player dungeons. Players will soon receive bonus experience and blue-quality gear for the first dungeon they complete using the tool once a day. After that reward is earned, players can continue to use the Grouping Tool for dungeons to receive green-quality green and a smaller amount of bonus experience upon each subsequent dungeon’s completion. Thankfully, both normal and Veteran modes of dungeons include these bonuses.


The Grouping Tool in The Elder Scrolls Online will soon support the pre-made group, too. Players with a full party will be able to use the tool to instantly teleport to a dungeon’s entrance while still being eligible for the random dungeon rewards. Cross alliance groups will drastically benefit from the pre-made option letting friends play together regardless of their alliance affiliation.

In addition to the listed major changes, players will also notice that their role icon will be prominently displayed in the dungeon making it easier for players to identify each other. More changes might be coming to the Grouping Tool, however, the following are not coming quite yet. A vote kick system and a ready check system are expected to be added to the Grouping Tool at some point.

The Elder Scrolls Online Sneaking will come in handy while playing the Thieves Guild DLC [Image via Bethesda]Of course, the updates to the Grouping Tool are just part of the changes the “Thieves Guild” DLC will usher in when it releases in March. The actual content of the “Thieves Guild” DLC includes a new region to visit, a new hub city, a new passive skill line, and plenty of new criminal activities. Players can visit the Hew’s Bane zone in Hammerfell. This zone is home to Abah’s Landing; a hub city home to the headquarters of the Thieves Guild. With the DLC, players can join the iconic guild to earn new powerful thieving passives in addition to gaining access to new criminal quests.

For instance, the new Larceny System includes guild job quests, heist quests, and reacquisition quests. As the Inquisitr reported, these new quests ask players to complete activities like pickpocketing, looting items, sneaking around, and defeating group bosses. Not to mention, the passive skill line added to The Elder Scrolls Online gives players access to new troves around the world, lets them be forgotten more easily after committing a crime, and grants 10 percent more gold from fenced items. More details on the Larceny System and the imminent passive line can be found on the official site.

The Elder Scrolls Online Some player characters in The Elder Scrolls Online [Image via Bethesda]The third major DLC coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, the “Thieves Guild” will release on March 7 on PC. Xbox One players will get the update on March 22 while PlayStation 4 players will receive the content on March 23. Like other DLC releases to the game, some content will be part of a base game patch that is available to all players regardless of whether or not they own the new DLC. Content belonging solely to the “Thieves Guild” will require the player to purchase the DLC via the in-game store. Players currently subscribed to the game will receive access to the “Thieves Guild” DLC for free as long as they are subscribed. In fact, an active subscription to The Elder Scrolls Online lets a player enjoy any of the game’s DLC free of charge.

[Image via Bethesda]