Fan Booted From Concert For Sending Critical Tweet

Twitter can be a powerful medium for arranging protests, criticizing the wrongs of society and apparently for getting kicked out of a concert when you diss the opening act for nerd rappers Powerglove and MC Chris.

A fan of the nerd rappers wrote a post on Reddit on Thursday in which the revealed having been kicked out of the concert after being critical of the rap duo’s opening act. In his tweet the fan who goes by the name @AdmiralMikey wrote:

“Dear nerd rapper opening for Powerglove/MC Chris. You’re not good enough to pander to me. Better luck next time.”

After that tweet @AdmiralMikey says:

I walked out to the lobby, grabbed a soda and was sitting there when I heard the crowd went nuts and mc chris started talking, and I heard him ask for my real name. My friend and I looked at eachother confused and heard him ask for it again. I got up, walked back onto the floor and raised my hand. He then pointed at me and yelled, ‘Security is going to take you the (expletive) out now! That’s what you get for talking shit on Twitter!’

The stupidity of MC Chris in singling out a fan who wasn’t even talking about him eventually led to severe public backlash and eventually forced MC Chris to admit that his own vanity led to his stupid decision to alienate his fan and potentially thousands of other fans.

In his apology which only occurred after the public spoke out against him MC Chris tweeted:

Later MC Chris sent out the following YouTube video excuse/apology:

The entire blowup which practically amounted to nothing given MC Chris’ fan base has led to some funny user-generated graphics including this one found on

Fans Mad At MC Chris