‘Blade & Soul’ Expanding With ‘Unchained’ Update, Adds New Warlock Class

Next month, Blade & Soul players will log in to find a new class, an extra character slot, a new dungeon, and an additional floor to Mushin’s Tower when the martial arts MMO updates with the “Unchained” patch. The action oriented MMORPG from NCSoft is just one-month-old in the west and the “Unchained” update will be the second content update for the game since its launch.

The new content is coming to Blade & Soul on March 2 alongside other class changes, bug fixes, and other details. All players will benefit from the additional character slot regardless of whether or not they wish to create a new Warlock. Of course, the new class is really the highlight of the update adding a different kind of summoner to the game.

Blade & Soul

According to the official website, Warlocks master dark, shadow magic to summon and control demonic Thralls. With meaningful crowd control, mid-range attacks, and high damage, the Warlock class may be a wonderfully well-rounded addition to Blade & Soul. More information on the Warlock and how it will manipulate the tide of any battle will be revealed as the March 2 release date grows nearer. In fact, Blade & Soul developers will announce more about the class on February 22. Right now, only those two images and the availability to Jin and Lyn are the current details on the class officially.

Of course, the new Warlock class may not appeal to everyone. In that case, the “Unchained” update for Blade & Soul can offer up a new dungeon, another level to the solo dungeon Mushin’s Tower, and general fixes. The new dungeon, Naryu Labyrinth, is available to parties of both four and six players. The Naryu Labyrinth includes a three-stage process with a random door opening within in the dungeon after each stage. Each time players complete the Naryu Labyrinth, they will complete it in a different order.

Blade & Soul
Mushin’s Tower, the solo dungeon added in the “Rising Waters” update, will also see a bit of expansion in the next Blade & Soul update. The eighth floor will become available when the next patch launches introducing an additional level of challenge to solo players. The eighth floor is the final floor of Mushin’s Tower, and it will task players with defeating a version of Mushin himself.

Blade & Soul is already quite popular in the west with over 2 million players enjoying the game. As the Inquisitr reported, Blade & Soul launched with 22 servers and later expanded to 32 just to meet player demand. Just three weeks after its release, the game updated with the “Rising Waters” update adding new dungeons, Hongmoon Levels, and more. With the “Unchained” update already on the horizon, it is clear that Blade & Soul developers want to keep adding content to the game as fast as possible.

Players can log in now to participate in the Valentine’s Day event. Collect white and red roses for an opportunity to transmute a powerful gem. Earn roses by completing daily objectives like special quests and daily dungeon quests. Blade & Soul players can also pick up special Valentine’s Day bundles in the Hongmoon Store.

Interested players should also check out the “ask me anything” session with NCSoft staff on the official Blade & Soul subreddit on Reddit. In addition to the game’s community manager, NCSoft employees including a producer, an assistant producer, and a senior community manager are answering questions about Blade & Soul right now. Not all questions will be answered but it does not hurt to ask.

Will you be creating a Jin or Lyn Warlock when the class becomes available on March 2?

[Image via NCSoft]