Gwen Stefani Shares That She’s Had Two Boyfriends In Her Entire Life

Since word spread that Gwen Stefani was enjoying a new romance with The Voice co-judge Blake Shelton, she’s been a hot topic of conversation. Obviously the media attention on the singer also has to do with the her talent and the fact that she’s been teasing about the release of a new album for months now. Gwen has dropped two singles so far that have been well-received.

When chatting with a radio station recently, the star surprising shared that she’s extremely inexperienced when it comes to the dating scene. Entertainment Tonight shares details about Gwen’s conversion on air.

“The 46-year-old singer says she actually doesn’t have a type in a new radio interview, and that’s because she’s hardly dated. ‘You know I’ve only had two boyfriends right?’ she tells K-Earth 101 FM when asked if she has a type. ‘When you say that it sounds so funny because it’s so limited. No, I do not [have a type],’ she laughs. ‘That’s a funny question. I’m gonna just stop right there.'”

As previously noticed, Stefani is currently dating country star Blake Shelton, who the singer also co-judged The Voice with, and she will return to the popular program as a mentor in future seasons. Before Blake, Gwen was linked to Bush front-man Gavin Rossdale who the hollaback girl was married to for a full 13 years before their recent divorce due to Rossdale’s alledged infidelity. Prior to Gavin, Gwen had dated her No Doubt bandmate Tony Kanal for seven years. So it seems like Shelton makes a rounded out lucky number three.

Even though the pair has gone public with their relationship, and Stefani gave Shelton a pretty obvious shout out during her taping of her most recent music video while live at The Grammys, Stefani did not take credit for the prop in the video that clearly had her beau’s name.

“That was just a coincidence. I don’t even know, one of the art directors just put Blake’s Bar. I was like, ‘What does that even mean?'”

The singer’s recent single “Make Me Like You” is clearly about Shelton. To this, Gwen fully admitted. While chatting with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, the subject was raised. The Huffington Post shares the exchange between the singer and talk show host.

“I will admit that that song is about that guy.”

Also while appearing on the late night show, Stefani opened up about how her tragedy that derived from the divorce she recently went through has actually resulted in a beautiful outcome. ET shared Gwen’s words.

“What’s so crazy is that sometimes tragedy…if you really absorb it…you can turn it into something beautiful, [The upcoming album], This Is What the Truth Feels Like, is ‘about taking something that was awful and healing from it.'”

Stefani’s first single off her soon-to-drop album came from the singer taking the painful feelings from her divorce and making beautiful, meaningful lyrics that resulted in the touching, identifiable song “Used to Love You.” It’s certainly fitting that her first single highlights the breakup and pain felt in regards to her situation with Rossdale, and that her second single is about the happiness the beauty has felt in her new relationship with Shelton.

The lyrics to “Make Me Like You” are so sweet and endearing that it actually gives listeners a window into the adorable connection that Stefani and Shelton have with one another. The pair did their best to deny rumors of a relationship blossoming in the beginning, but it wasn’t long until both Gwen and Blake were announcing their romance and were guilty of some PDAs. They are definitely the “it” couple of the moment and look fantastic together.

Listen to Gwen’s latest single “Make Me Love You.”

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]