‘RHOP’ Star Charrisse Jackson Jordan Gets Honest About Her Marital Troubles

Charrisse Jackson Jordan RHOP

Charrisse Jackson Jordan may have been proud of her marriage on The Real Housewives of Potomac, but Jordan is realizing that it is tough for her to stay away from her husband for longer periods of time. In the beginning, Charrisse was happy with her arrangement, and she revealed that she could easily make this happen for herself. But now that years have passed, Jordan isn’t really sure that her marriage can survive. She broke down during Sunday’s episode, and she’s now revealing the truth about it all. According to a new Bravo report, Charrisse Jackson Jordan is struggling in her marriage.

She’s married to Rutgers men’s basketball coach Eddie Jordan. The two have been married for quite some time, and they have been living apart for years. He is very dedicated to his work, and Charrisse didn’t want to move her children to a new city.

“Due to the nature of my husband’s job, the past three years we have been living in a non-traditional family environment. For the best interest of my teenage children it made perfect sense not to uproot them again. Living in this type of situation is very common in various lines of business. However, it isn’t what I envisioned prior to starting a family. But when this became my fate, initially I thought it was something that I could handle. But as time progressed, I realized that things were not what I thought they would be,” Charrisse Jackson Jordan reveals in her blog, sharing that it was meant to be a short-lived solution for the couple.

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It is possible that Jackson Jordan feels a bit abandoned and left behind. While her husband is 100 percent dedicated to his job, she’s at home taking care of their children and making it work in Potomac. She may feel a bit left behind, and she could feel that her husband doesn’t prioritize her enough in their marriage.

“I am very family oriented and put 150% into my family unit. I’ve done everything humanly possible to preserve the happiness of my family and have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure my kids are getting a balance so that they feel like a ‘normal’ family. It’s frustrating as hell when you give up you career and basically your dreams to accommodate the person that you love and almost 20 years later you look up and realize that you’re basically alone,” Charrisse Jackson Jordan revealed in her blog.

It was surprising that Jackson Jordan decided to open up on The Real Housewives of Potomac about her marital troubles. She completely broke down and cried to her cast members. Some of her friends did question her marriage since they spent time apart, but she tried to convince them that it was working.

“I told the ladies because I knew my marriage was something that was of concern for them. At that moment, it was a super sensitive time for me. I was glad I shared and was able to get their support in return,” Charrisse reveals, sharing that she does have moments where she thinks to herself that she should have kept it all inside.

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Charrisse Jackson Jordan must have felt that her marriage was in trouble when she signed on to film The Real Housewives of Potomac. She was approached by a casting agent, according to NJ.com, and she thought it would be an interesting journey. It will be interesting to see how her marriage unfolds as the season continues.

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