‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Talks Maggie’s Return To Alexandria — Will Glenn Survive To See Maggie Take On A Leadership Role?

Now that Maggie and Glenn are reunited and we’re about to find out what happens in “The Next World,” The Walking Dead fans are excited to hear that Lauren Cohan’s character will finally be back in the spotlight. After weeks of playing a much smaller role in season 6, Lauren confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that her reunion with Glenn will lead the way for a leadership role for Maggie. The Walking Dead fans are excited to see Cohan’s character evolve and get more screen time.

In season 6, episode 9 “No Way Out,” Maggie finally sees that Glenn is alive after the crazy TWD tease before the mid-season break where we weren’t sure if he ever made it out of that horde of walkers. Well, we knew he did because The Walking Dead fans had faith in Glenn’s escape abilities and also because there were several clues letting everyone know that Glenn wouldn’t go out quite like that. Anyway, now Maggie knows that Glenn is alive even though he almost died trying to save her again. The constant near-death sequences for Glenn are becoming taxing on his biggest fans.

Now Glenn is set to get Maggie and bring her back to Alexandria. This is a big deal because Deanna is gone now, leaving the leadership role in the safe haven wide open. It’s no secret that Deanna was grooming Maggie to help lead and Lauren Cohan even confirmed that will happen in some capacity in her newest interview.

Fans may be wondering why Rick Grimes won’t just take over as leader of Alexandria following Deanna’s death. Cohan clears that up and it sounds like there will be some shared leadership. According to Cohan, Rick is “realizing that Maggie may be able to deal with certain people that he isn’t able to. He’s, well, you know, brutish.” Rick certainly has a different way of dealing with things and Maggie would be a great person to take over Deanna’s place and be the communicator now. It seems that Deanna was right to choose Maggie and groom her in case someone needed to take her place and carry on the vision she had for the people of Alexandria.

Lauren also talked about how Maggie will be expecting a baby with Glenn. Naturally, The Walking Dead fans are worried for such a beloved character to risk pregnancy in this post-apocalyptic time. We all remember what happened to Rick’s wife Lori and definitely don’t want to see the same happen for Maggie. Then again, there are several sites teasing that Lori might come back in season 6 in some capacity. There have been many pointing out that we didn’t see Lori die. It’s more probable that any return from Lori will be in the form of a dream sequence or hallucination. As for Maggie, let’s hope she is able to make it to childbirth and beyond without complications because Rick needs her and if Glenn survives, he certainly does too.

The way that Lauren Cohan and others close to the show are talking, The Walking Dead is just hitting their peak. Many are worried that season 6 might bring about a slump and with that, lower ratings leading to the possible cancellation of the show. That shouldn’t be the case though according to Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman. Both have made it clear that they understand how season 6 often affects dramatic television shows such as TWD, but this is expected to be much different. For starters, the last half of season 6 is so action-packed and fast-paced that we can expect the rest of the episodes to suck fans back in as the dynamics start to change and new threats become real. How do you think Maggie will do if she becomes the new mayor of Alexandria, and will Glenn be around to see her take charge?

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