WWE Rumors: Update On The Undertaker’s Return And When It Will Happen

WWE is set to present Fastlane on Sunday, and it’s then going to open the full road to WrestleMania 32, which is just a little over a month away. A lot of key names are missing due to injuries, but one big name that is absent and should be present is The Undertaker. No-one has seen “The Deadman” since Survivor Series, but now his return appears to be known and so does his opponent for the big event in early April.

It is fully expected that The Undertaker is going to return on Monday Night Raw next week, but there is also the slight possibility he could show up on Fastlane. WWE may not pull the trigger and have him on Sunday’s show, since Brock Lesnar is already on it.

wwe fastlane lesnar reigns ambrose [Image via WWE]If The Undertaker doesn’t show up on Sunday night, he is still expected to return to WWE television on Monday Night Raw, as IB Times is reporting. When he shows back up, his feud for WrestleMania 32 is going to have to begin, but against who?

John Cena was the ultimate and primary choice for The Undertaker’s opponent at WrestleMania 32, but then Cena’s injury happened and took him out of action for months. The problem is that WWE had no real back-up plan in place for what to do with the Deadman.

Forbes reports that they are hopeful John Cena can be back in time to be a part of WrestleMania, but it seems incredibly unlikely. His shoulder surgery went well and he’s already rehabbing, but having him back in such a short amount of time is hard to believe.

wwe rumors undertaker return fastlane wrestlemania 32 [Image via WWE]For now, the public and the fans don’t really know who will face The Undertaker at the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, but WWE may have their plans ready.

What Culture reports that WWE is struggling to bring in a full crowd for Fastlane, but they’re hoping for some last-minute walk-up sales to sell it out. So far this year, sell-out crowds haven’t been showing up to events really and it’s said to be “a rarity” for PPVs, as most sell out in advance.

With Brock Lesnar being on the card, WWE is feeling that The Undertaker doesn’t need to make an appearance since big stars are on it. The problem is that many fans feel as if they already know the conclusion of the triple threat main event and that it’s not necessary to see it.

That being said, The Undertaker’s return is not just expected very soon, but it’s needed.

wwe rumors undertaker wrestlemania 32 return [Image via WWE]The Undertaker will return and he’s not retiring and it is highly doubtful that WrestleMania 32 is going to be his going-away match. He wrestled more in 2015 than he has in years, and it’s possible that he’ll do the same in 2016.

WrestleZone just reported how a photo was posted online in the last week which showed The Undertaker working out at home. Not only did his wife detail part of his workout routine, but it showed that he is in excellent shape and ready to return to the ring.

An episode of Monday Night Raw after a Pay-Per-View is always a big one to detail what happened the night before and move on to new things. Now, with WrestleMania 32 being the next big event, Monday night’s show is going to be very important and reveal a lot.

It also is the likely return of The Undertaker to WWE television, and one that a lot of fans really need to be prepared for. Whomever is unfortunate enough to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 may also be revealed on Monday Night Raw, and it means a lot for the build-up to the huge PPV.

[Image by WWE]