‘Jealous’ Dad Accused Of Trying To Shoot Breastfeeding Wife

A Minnesota dad has been arrested after his wife claims that she endured at least a decade of abuse at his hands. Some of the woman’s claims are downright shocking, according to a post on Investigation Discovery’s CrimeFeed, which reports that the man nearly shot the woman to death while she was breastfeeding their 4-month-old baby.

Nicholas George Lehmeier faces a variety of charges associated with an incident that allegedly took place in July 2015. The man’s wife alleges that she was breastfeeding their 4-month-old infant when the man became enraged at her for “spending too much time” with the feeding baby. He also allegedly blamed her for their other children being removed from the home. This reportedly took place the very first night that their five children were back in the home after being removed by government case workers over a prior incident.

The Minnesota dad’s wife claims that he loaded his shotgun and told her, “One bullet is all I need to end this,” before attempting to fire the weapon at her.

CBS News reports that Lehmeier decided not to shoot her and went to fire the gun out a window instead. The alleged victim claims that he frequently threatened to kill her and their children. She also claimed that she was the victim of frequent marital rape, citing that the man told her she had to comply with his sexual needs because she was his wife.

The wife of the Minnesota man did not report the 2015 incident until recently, claiming that she did not report it all this time because she was afraid for the lives of herself and her children. This coincides with her claims that the man frequently threatened the lives of his family members.

Meanwhile, on social media, sentiments expressed about Nicholas Lehmeier are mixed. Numerous people are expressing anger at the allegation that he pointed a gun at his breastfeeding wife, while others are questioning whether or not the woman is telling the truth.

This isn’t the only time a similar story has made media headlines. Last year, a North Carolina woman fended off home intruders by shooting at them while she was breastfeeding. Unfortunately, she was also shot during the incident, but was lucky to be okay. Her baby was fine as well.

In 2013, a Chinese mom lost her temper and stabbed her baby boy approximately 90 times. Her reason? The 8-month-old infant supposedly bit down on her while feeding from her breast. The child needed more than 100 stitches and was incredibly lucky to survive the attack. Had it not been for the boy’s uncle, who found him in a pool of blood in the family’s front yard, he may not have survived.

If this Minnesota dad is convicted of the charges he faces, he could spend up to seven years behind bars. He could also be ordered to pay a fine as high as $14,000.

[Image via Cold Spring Police]