‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Posey Excited About His Future Despite Past Tragedies

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey has had an emotionally hard 18-month period that he is just now starting to open up about the struggles he’s gone through.

For Tyler Posey, the painful events date back to 2014. After being engaged to long-term girlfriend Seana Gorlick, Tyler Posey ended their engagement in October 2014, and mere months later, in December 2014, lost his mother to cancer. The two events left the Teen Wolf star feeling heartbroken and alone.

While the tragic events happened over a year ago, Tyler Posey is just now ready to publicly talk about them. He recently sat down with People to discuss both the breakup with Seana Gorlick and the death of his mother. While only 24 years old, Tyler Posey understands that he has gone through a lot relationship-wise in such a short amount of time.

“I still really miss her. I can’t believe I have an ex-fiance.”

As for dating again, the Teen Wolf actor has been hesitant to jump back into the relationship world. For Tyler Posey, monogamy is where he wants to head to, and until he’s ready to commit again, there isn’t any point to dating, he elaborated.

“I’ve never been a player or into one-night stands. I need to be single for a little while. I need time to grow. A year after the breakup, I said, ‘Okay. I’m going to see if I’m ready to get back into relationships.’ But I wasn’t ready.”

While ending an engagement is hard enough to go through, the devastation the Teen Wolf star felt was compounded by the death of his mother, just two months later. Cyndi Posey died at age 55 after battling breast cancer for four years. She was Tyler Posey’s business manager and best friend. Most importantly, says Tyler Posey, the former home school teacher “was the glue that held our family together.”

The Teen Wolf star still has his father, actor John Posey, and his brother Jesse, but feels disconnected, saying that with this loss of his mother he has also “lost [his] sense of family.” Recently, the Teen Wolf star and his father started working on a project together to start mending their bond, People reported.

To combat his feelings of loneliness and depression, Tyler Posey has turned to work. He explains his motivation as one to keep busy and avoid thinking about the situation.

“Whenever I have too much downtime, I start to get sad.”

To this end, Tyler Posey has definitely stayed busy. His hit show, Teen Wolf, premiered its second half of Season 5 in January this year and along with acting on the show, Tyler Posey is now a producer as well.

The effects of this busy period have also allowed the Teen Wolf star to keep his positive outlook on life. He’s shared some of that with his Instagram followers, including a screen grab of his name with the title co-producer next to it. Tyler Posey also shared an image of how he trains, adding that “2016 is looking up for tpose! Gonna be a new man ;)”

In addition to producing, Tyler Posey will also be directing an episode of Teen Wolf. Show runner of Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, announced in October that come Season 6 of Teen Wolf, expect to see an episode directed by Tyler Posey. And as Hypable reports, Tyler Posey had nothing but excitement at the idea of becoming a director when he shared his reaction to the news.

“I love it. I’m so excited. I just want to keep building my career. And I think I’m really good at this kind of stuff, you know?”

In addition to his now numerous roles around Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey is also keeping active with his film roles. His latest film, Yoga Hosers by director Kevin Smith, had its premiere this January at the Sundance Film Festival.

While Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey has been through a slew of emotions in the past year, he has looked to work to keep himself afloat.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]