Jennifer Lopez Goes To ‘Work’: Actress Dances, Twerks To Rihanna Song In Jimmy Fallon Sketch

Jennifer Lopez

Actress Jennifer Lopez showed off her dancing skills alongside Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday.

The Shades of Blue actress starred in the popular sketch, “Ew!” which allowed Jimmy and Jennifer to play Sara and Gabby — two teenage girls that are frustrated with their fathers but fully engaged with trends and talents.

At the start of the video, Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez focused on discussing the popular app, Snapchat. Gabby mentioned that her father signed up for an account and wanted to friend her — Ew!

To help forget about her parent’s awkward decision, Gabby (Lopez) took a crazy photo of herself on Snapchat and showed it off for the camera.

Once the Snapchat promo ended, Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez transitioned to the “Talent Show” segment of the “Ew!” sketch.

Jimmy Fallon (as Sara) eventually showed off his special talent of balancing a spoon on his nose. When he asked Jennifer Lopez (as Gabby) about her special talent, J-Lo responded by saying that she can dance.

The problem is that “Gabby” claimed that she was a very shy dancer, so Sara encouraged her to show off anyway and “just try.”

At first, Jennifer Lopez stuck with a rigid two-step that (according to Jimmy Fallon’s character) was “embarrassing.” To fix the situation, Jimmy came up with the idea of turning on some music to help.

Cue the addictive hook from the new Rihanna hit single, “Work.”

Within just a few seconds, shy Gabby vanished and multi-talented Jennifer Lopez seemed to appear — stripping off her sweater and twerking almost immediately to the catchy song.

Since Rihanna is apparently a big fan of her Home co-star in real-life, chances are that the Work singer found the video footage of Jennifer Lopez dancing to her song as enjoyable as many others did when they saw it.

It did not take very long at all for quite a few people to share their reactions to Jennifer Lopez twerking and dancing to the hit Rihanna song on Twitter.

This was definitely not the first time that Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez went viral together with a segment on The Tonight Show. Even though this was the first time that Jennifer introduced the world to “Gabby,” the memory of her retro “Tight Pants” dancing is one that will likely live on in the minds and hearts of fans for years to come.

To say that Jennifer Lopez has had a pretty impressive start to 2016 would be a major understatement. In addition to her judging duties on the farewell season American Idol, Lopez is also starring as the lead actress of the NBC series Shades of Blue — a popular show also starring Ray Liotta that recently got picked up for a second season.

Jennifer Salke, NBC entertainment president, thanked Jennifer Lopez specifically in an official statement confirming the show’s renewal. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Salke called Jennifer “the hardest-working woman we know” and thanked her “for her incredible efforts as both the star and producer of this show.”

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]