Teresa Giudice Denies Baby Plans: What She’ll Be Doing Instead

Teresa Giudice is enjoying her new life outside of prison, as she’s learning to be a reality star once again. Teresa has been filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey since she came home, and fans will get to see her soon on the small screen. And while Giudice was locked up, she took the time to truly focus on business and her finances. But something else may have been plaguing her mind — another baby. According to a new Radar Online report, Teresa Giudice is now setting the record straight about her baby plans, and it sounds like four kids is more than enough for her.

Giudice was recently out marketing her new book, Turning The Tables, and she spoke to Entertainment Tonight about these baby plans. Of course, everyone wants to know if she’s on the pill or if she is taking advantage of the three months she and her husband have together before he has to turn himself in to serve over three years behind bars.

“No, no. Believe me, I’m on the pill,” Teresa Giudice told the news outlet when asked about her pregnancy plans, according to Radar Online.

It sounds like Teresa is done with having children. Rather than focus on another pregnancy while her husband is locked up, Giudice may be spending her time with her family. Plus, she will become the breadwinner in her home, so the pressure is on to make sure money comes in the bank. During her bankruptcy trial, it was revealed that Teresa’s businesses actually didn’t make a lot of money. In fact, she was barely scraping by. But while Teresa has been locked up, her husband has been working and when he filmed a special for the network, he must have pocketed several thousands.

And Teresa Giudice already has some plans on how to make some money. On top of writing a possible second memoir about her life as a single mother, she may have learned some yoga moves in prison. According to Perez Hilton, Teresa told People that she wants to start her very own yoga business and become certified as an accredited instructor.

“I want to come out with my own yoga DVD tape, my own yoga line. If you put out what you want, sometimes you get it. Never say, ‘I can’t do that,’ because then you’re already bringing yourself down. I’m excited. I love yoga. It really changed my life. It really got me through this whole ordeal – it really did – being there and everything. I can’t live without it now. Even if I just do a down dog for a little bit, it makes me feel good,” Giudice has revealed.

Apparently, Teresa found yoga to be very inspirational and calming while she was in prison. She has previously revealed that she worked out quite a bit while in prison, so she could stay fit and make time go by faster. And it is possible that someone taught her a bit about yoga, relaxing, and staying calm. Maybe she doesn’t see any table-flips in her future. And business appears to be her biggest driving force, as she’s now reading a lot of books and setting some huge goals.

“I read a lot of inspirational books in prison, like whatever you want, you can put it out there. I want to make $40 million this year. I hope that happens – for real, I made a vision board,” she also told People, according to Perez Hilton.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s plans to stay on birth control and focus on her business ventures? Do you think she will reach the goal of $40 million this year alone?

[Image via Instagram]