Apollo Nida Supposedly Heartbroken Over Divorce: Did He See His Sons In Jail?

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Apollo Nida is still locked up for his illegal business dealings. He was charged and found guilty of business fraud, as he tried to set up new business ventures when he was released from prison the first time. Nida got caught and was sentenced to eight years behind bars. He later turned himself in and has served over a year already. And while Nida was determined to go make everything right, his wife wasn’t willing to stand behind him. Phaedra has hinted that she wanted out of the marriage. According to a new Enstarz report, Apollo Nida is supposedly a bit heartbroken over losing his marriage and possibly his children.

Phaedra has filed for divorce from Nida, even though she hesitated for a long time. Parks may have had her reasons to wait, as she was caught up in some legal troubles. She didn’t discuss these on the show, but there have been rumors that Apollo could testify against her if they were not married. Maybe she waited to file the papers until the case was over, so Nida couldn’t bring her down. But she has filed the papers, and it is a speedy divorce.

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She told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she hopes the divorce will be final “within the next 45 days … God willing.”

And it sounds like Apollo Nida isn’t too happy about getting divorced, and Phaedra thinks she knows why. She thinks she’s a catch, and Apollo is sad about losing her as his wife. She told Andy, “When you lose this sweetness, it’s hard. It’s hard to lose all this chocolate.”

For a long time, she didn’t take their two children to see Apollo Nida. For over a year, he served time behind bars in Kentucky and the two boys didn’t see him. While she wanted to protect them, he thought that she was just playing games. But when Andy asked her about the pending visit, she reveals that it has happened and the two boys did go to jail to see Apollo.

“They visited Apollo yes,” she said on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live recently, adding, “It went well.”

Cohen hinted that the journey to see Apollo Nida behind bars was captured for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and that it would be shown this season before it comes to an end. At the moment, Apollo is staying at a prison in New Jersey. He was previously located in Kentucky, which is closer to Atlanta than New Jersey. And while Phaedra may not be packing her bags to visit him in New Jersey, at least he will have the company of Joe Giudice. He will turn himself in soon to serve over three years behind bars.


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Nida hasn’t really said much about the pending divorce, and it is possible that he doesn’t actually have anything to say. There could be some implications that are keeping him from having a say in this divorce. But if his wife is to be believed, then Apollo is actually sad about losing his wife. It is no secret that they have fought quite a bit and really struggled about making their marriage work. She felt that he had put his criminal past ahead of his family, while he claims that he struggled to make money. The two may have a troubling time setting a custody schedule, since she may have the upper-hand in court, given he’s a convicted felon. Only time will tell.

What do you think of Apollo Nida’s divorce being final soon? Do you think he should get a second chance when he’s released?

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