Seth Rogen’s Wife Is Being Hunted By A ‘Delusional’ Stalker

Typically when we write about stalkers they are chasing after A-list actors and top music acts but this week it is Seth Rogen’s wife who is being hunted by a “delusional” stalker.

Actress Lauren Miller has taken out a temporary restraining order against Yasin Ajani, 31, claiming that the man has tried to enter her home by manipulating the family maid in order to gain access to Millers personal belongings.

In legal documents from the restraining order Miller claims Ajani knocked on her door at 6pm on July 16 and claimed to the couple’s maid that he was a friend of Seth and Lauren. Ajani then claimed that he was delivering a package.

The quick thinking maid refused access to the home but Ajani jumped over the couple’s fence and laid on a couch in the couple’s front yard patio area.

Police quickly arrived on the scene and arrested Ajani for public trespass.

After the arrest Ajani told police the “voices told me to go see and talk with Lauren.”

Lauren filed the restraining order because she was afraid that Ajani would not stop seeking her out while noting:

“I cannot sleep at night and constantly check through the windows and the surveillance system for Ajani.”

After the arrest Yasin Ajani was placed on a 72 hour hold so mental health officials could evaluate his mental stability.

A hearing is scheduled for August 10 and in the meantime a judge has ordered the Seth Rogen family stalker to remain at least 200 feet away from both Rogen and Lauren Miller.

Celebrity stalkers have been out in full force this year, including Halle Berry and Madonna stalker Richard Franco, Ivanka Trump stalker Justin Massler and Alec Baldwin stalker Genevieve Sabourin. In each case of celebrity stalking restraining orders have been issued and thankfully nobody has been hurt.