‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julexis Wedding Comes Complete With Romance And Gunfire

General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn

The wedding of Julian and Alexis is beginning on Friday, but you know that weddings on General Hospital are always full of drama. Those two have been through a lot, and they are anxious to make it official, but their nuptials will be anything but smooth.

The General Hospital previews that were posted on the soap’s Twitter account for the Julexis wedding gives viewers a glimpse into what is about to happen on their special day. Alexis looks gorgeous in her gown, and Julian is anxious to wed his lady. The Davis girls, Sam, Kristina, and Molly, are standing up for their mom right before the chaos takes place.

Romance is in the air at the church as Alexis pledges her life to the man that she never thought would ever change for her. Julian has supposedly left his mob life behind, but he can’t seem to get away from it for very long, as it is now close to home once again. The blushing bride tells her groom that she believes that this was all meant to be. What will she think when her wedding ceremony is interrupted by gunfire?

In the clip, the gunmen are seen pushing their way in through the church doors firing their guns in the middle of the ceremony as the guests turn to see what is happening. It looks like Nathan West springs into action, but can he stop any of the mayhem that is about to happen?

Will Nathan save the day? (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)
It also looks like Sonny may be a target, as a gun is seen pointed at his head. Will he get shot again, or will Sonny do something to stop himself from being killed? After all, no one knows that he can actually stand up and possibly walk, so this may be the key to his therapy in trying to save Carly and everyone else from the gunfire.

As seen on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Raj has rented the Haunted Star as part of this whole ordeal and this puts Lulu in a dangerous situation. Lulu has moved into her place of employment to get out of Nathan and Maxie’s hair. According to We Love Soaps,she is now in danger and it looks like she will be pushed overboard into the dark water below by one of the men. Will Dante come to her rescue?

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Dante was just at the Haunted Star warning his wife about the trafficking that has been going on recently on the docks. He is worried about her and Rocco being so close to it. Thankfully, Rocco isn’t on board when all of this goes down as he is staying with his Grandma.

We also see in the General Hospital previews that Morgan is on the docks holding a gun, and that could definitely be trouble with the way he has been acting lately. He is off his bipolar medications and has been spiraling out of control. He will overhear the details of the gun deal going down and will make some dangerous choices.

Paul Hornsby is also seen hanging out on the docks making a phone call. The General Hospital previews show that two men getting get into an altercation. It could definitely be Paul and Morgan. A gun goes off and a woman screams. It almost sounds like Ava screaming as she may have slipped out of the wedding to attend to business. Will Morgan get hurt? Or will it be Paul or Ava?

Sonny had been making plans to take Ava down so that he can take custody of Avery. However, he probably didn’t count on his son interfering with his plans.

It is very rare in the world of soaps when a wedding goes off without a hitch, and it is especially true on General Hospital. With the mob on the forefront most of the time on this ABC daytime drama, there is bound to be some drama. Alexis and Julian will most likely go on with their wedding vows eventually, just a little detour in their perfect wedding plans.

How do you think this will all go down this week and next on General Hospital?

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