Mayim Bialik Talks Geek Love at Comic-Con

Mayim Bialik is perhaps known best as the quintessential 90’s kid after coming to stardom as the titular character on the era’s sitcom hit Blossom, but the now-grown actress has become more associated with her newer venture among younger generations.

So to us olds, Mayim Bialik is probably still the floppy-hatted TV sister of Joey (Whoa!) Lawrence — but more recently she’s starred on nerd hit The Big Bang Theory, as the love interest of the show’s star Sheldon.

Bialik isn’t just acting the part though, as a nerdette — the actress also holds a PhD in neuroscience and did a dissertation on the devastating childhood disease Prader-Willi Syndrome. So it is with some degree of experience she takes on the role of Amy, who was, for a time, Sheldon’s girl-slash-friend.

Mayim Bialik appeared on a Comic-Con panel for discussion, and said during the talk that she was the most comic-nerdy person on the show, quipping:

“I love our cast and I love actors, but I also love comic books and sci-fi… so I am the one [on the cast] who is most ‘Comic-Con friendly.’”

Bialik also spoke about her character’s relationship with Sheldon, noting that their pacing was more geek-friendly:

“I actually think it’s kind of sweet that it’s crawling along at this stage… We’ve seen some signs like me in the Star Trek uniform – where he might see things my way. And in the season finale when he held my hand, it was very telling. I love the sparring that Amy and Sheldon do verbally. I love the non-romantic aspects of their romance, I think that’s really sweet.”

Kaley Cuoco on set of Big Bang Theory

When it comes to Amy’s attractiveness, Bialik notes that the characters’ romance reflects a deeper, nerd-love connection:

“I actually think it’s kind of sweet that it’s crawling along at this stage,” she said of their characters’ romance.

“There are no comments about Amy’s attractiveness or lack of attractiveness. [Sheldon] likes her as she is. As far as we know, it’s really irrelevant. He’s really attracted to her mind. Their sparks are intellectual.”

Bialik says the show has “raised the bar for geekdom.”