First Alien Contact? UN ‘In Talks’ With Extraterrestrial Entity Mogay Stranded On Earth: Alien Appeals To Hillary Clinton For Help

Alien Mogay

In the latest bizarre report from the alien and UFO community, the United Nations has entered into correspondence with an alleged extraterrestrial being who calls himself Mogay.

The latest development follows a report last week by the Inquisitr that Mogay, who claims to be stranded on Earth and in need of urgent assistance from world governments, sent a request for help to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world’s largest organization that documents and investigates alien and UFO reports.

The United Nations has reportedly responded to a letter Mogay sent to the organization, titled, “Did the UN have a resettlement process and protection policy about extraterrestrial beings?”

According to Express, Kerith McFadden, Associate Librarian with the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library, in Washington, D.C., responded to Mogay’s inquiry, saying that although the UN has been involved in alien and UFO matters in past, there was little the organization could do in the latest case because the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was not the leader of the world and thus has no authority to initiate negotiations with Mogay on behalf of the world.

McFadden, however, suggested that the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) might be able to help.

The new developments were detailed in a second report filed recently by Mogay with MUFON. The second report follows a first in which Mogay appealed to MUFON for assistance as a go-between in proposed negotiations with the U.S. government. Mogay had claimed that he and a group of alien refugees escaped from their native Matif after the planet was involved in a disastrous collision with a stray planetary body.

Mogay also claimed he is currently living on Earth in the body of a friendly human host.

Although MUFON said at the time that it was looking at the report, there were indications that the organization did not take the report seriously due to the suspicion that it could be a hoax report.

In the new report filed with MUFON, Mogay revealed that he has contacted UNOOSA as McFadden suggested but has not received a response. He once again appealed to MUFON for assistance and called for help from Hillary Clinton.

The alleged alien’s appeal to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was likely informed by recent media reports that Clinton has pledged to “look into” allegations that the government is keeping files containing vital information about UFOs and aliens and release them if there are any as alleged.

In the new report filed with MUFON, Mogay refers once again to the claim that he is currently living in an adopted (“replaceable”) human body.

“Maybe you have some questions about replaceable bodies, but I have to remind you the people who can live in many planets can only be in this situation,” Mogay writes in broken English. “We were stay in replaceable bodies, with transfer system like satellites. Our information will be transferred to other bodies by electromagnetic wave.”

Mogay claims that aliens from Matif exist as pure electromagnetic waves and have developed a technology that allows them to transfer their electromagnetic essence into “replaceable bodies,” such as human bodies.

But Mogay’s latest report appears to contain veiled threats. He appeared to make a veiled threat of dire consequences if humans refuse to help. According to Mogay, due to the pressure of urgent need for help, he was forced to sell the alleged electromagnetic essence transfer technology to “some countries.”

But the countries failed to fulfill their promise to provide assistance to Mogay and his friends. Mogay now warns that the other countries (likely hostile to the U.S.) now in possession of the advanced technology could “use it in the wrong way” if the U.S. government ignores his appeal for help.

“I have tried to find help from your people since September 2015 and I sold our technology about energy transformation to some countries and NGOs to get their help. But they haven’t help us,” Mogay writes. “They will use it in wrong way if nobody help us.”

Although Mogay’s intended meaning is unclear in the jumble of broken English, he also appears to make a veiled threat that his group is only an advance party and that a larger group of escapees from Matif could arrive soon.

He warned of imminent danger to Earth and its people if humans refuse to help. According to Mogay, the “leader” of his world was searching for them, and the Earth could suffer if other aliens from Matif arrive on Earth and humans refuse to cooperate.

Writing in broken English, Mogay said, “We get the important information that the leader of us need, so they have to find us and bring us back. If they can’t get us when they reach here, I’m not sure what the aftermath will be.”

His statement could be interpreted in the context of the entire narrative to mean that his people would wreak vengeance if they arrive and find that humans have harmed Mogay and his group.

He appears to shed further light on why the arrival of a larger group of escapees from Matif could spell disaster for Earth by revealing that they plan to build a “transfer station” on Earth as part of efforts to reach their final destination planet Johar. He argues that if humans agree to cooperate with aliens from Matif, they could benefit from the project. Mogay’s statements hold the unstated implication that if humans refuse to help, the aliens could be forced to use destructive force.

“Considering that the resource of the earth has been decreasing nowadays, and the earth’s population is increasing, this transfer system could be very useful to you,” he writes.

He continues with more veiled threats, saying, “After Madam Hilary Clinton’s promise, we could success with your help. I need keep my people safe before we go back to Johar, so I can’t give up. I have no hostility and we need help from you. If MUFON don’t want to help us, I need borrow masses’ power if necessary.”

Express reports that a member of the UFO disclosure community has suggested that “Mogay” could be a UFO disclosure activist who believes that his unconventional approach could help promote the goals of the disclosure movement to force the government to release all classified UFO files.

“They [Mogay and his friends] seem to be quite knowledgeable [about human affairs] and there is the reference to Hilary Clinton, but it’s a strange idea and I am not sure it will work,” the source within the UFO disclosure community said.

Meanwhile, MUFON has said it is studying the report to determine the appropriate response.

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