‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Morgan’s Behavior Causes Chaos, Paul Makes A Confession, And Hayden Manipulates Diane

'General Hospital' star Bryan Craig

There is a wild episode ahead with Thursday’s General Hospital. Spoilers tease that there is a big confession on the way as well as an overheard conversation that could set the stage for intense drama. A family spat is coming, and viewers will not want to miss this February 18 episode that is said to set the stage for a jaw-dropping cliffhanger on Friday.

As We Love Soaps shares, Paul is said to make a stunning confession on Thursday’s episode. Paul and Anna had an intense conversation on Wednesday’s show, revealing some key truths that could spell significant trouble for both of them. Anna said she knows that Paul killed Kyle and made it look as if he was Carlos. Is Paul about to admit that she’s right?

General Hospital spoilers share that Paul will yell at Anna at some point of their conversation, telling her that she’s way off the mark. The two have been covering a lot of ground in this conversation, talking not only about Kyle and Carlos but about her snooping and his daughter Susan as well.

Many fans suspect that Susan will end up being someone already in Port Charles and that the impending reveal about her identity will fully shake up Port Charles. However, fans aren’t quite sure where things are headed with Paul and this daughter situation quite yet.

Thursday’s show also brings drama related to Morgan. Sonny fired him over his romp at the warehouse with Darby, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a major confrontation ahead involving Sonny, Carly, and Morgan. It seems they will be confronting Morgan about his medication intake again and he rails at them that he has taken them as he should. However, his parents can tell that isn’t the case.

At another point on the show, General Hospital spoilers detail that Morgan will overhear something he wasn’t meant to hear. While this could be something else related to his bipolar issues, the buzz is that he actually overhears something related to Raj and the big gun delivery set to happen in a matter of hours. As viewers have seen, Raj has approached Lulu about renting the Haunted Star, and previews tease that chaos is about to erupt thanks to his shenanigans in Port Charles.

Celeb Dirty Laundry shares that Morgan will overhear Sonny talking about the Raj situation, and he will think this is his chance to prove himself to his father. It’s believed that Morgan will decide to take it upon himself to head to the docks and intervene with this delivery. General Hospital spoiler previews for Friday’s cliffhanger indicate that as most would imagine, Morgan’s plan will go very wrong, and lives may well hang in the balance as a result.

Hayden will meet with Diane in Thursday’s show, and she will be claiming that Nikolas trusts his new wife with his future and seemingly his fortune. Of course, viewers know that Nik is feeling quite leery about his wife, but Hayden has plans to carry out, and apparently, she needs Diane’s help. Will Diane fall for what Hayden is dishing out, though?

Nikolas has reached out to Sam to figure out the truth about Hayden, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that the two have a tense conversation on the way. While fans will have to tune in to find out the specifics, at one point in the conversation, Sam will tell her cousin to go to hell.

This episode also brings a bit of foreshadowing thanks to Olivia. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will try to warn Julian about trouble ahead. It seems she has some kind of premonition signaling something concerning. Julian and Alexis’ wedding is set to begin on Friday’s show, but previews tease that this walk down the aisle will hit some explosive obstacles.

Will Alexis and Julian manage to tie the knot this week? Will anybody perish as the gun delivery dissolves into chaos? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

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