Blake Lively And Her ‘Rude’ Crossed Legs In Front Row At New York Fashion Week

Blake Lively Legs

Blake Lively is not the one to follow rules. Well, she wouldn’t be who she is if she did! And the lovely Blake has done it again. Fans don’t blame her, as women do tend to sit cross-legged whenever they get a chance (it’s hard to say why but they just do). But at a Haute Couture show (especially New York Fashion Week and Michael Kors particularly), it is considered blasphemous by most (in the fashion world), the Daily Mail has reported.

The stunning actress may not have paid attention, but the media and the fashionistas don’t seem to be going crazy over her “rude” crossed legs. Some are reporting that the actress may just have broken a major front row rule.

During Michael Kors show at the New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, she allegedly refused photographers’ requests to uncross her legs.

Lively was attending the Kors show at the Spring Studios in TriBeCa with her mother, Elaine. However, the former Gossip Girl decided not to place her stunning legs side-by-side for the 10 minute presentation, according to

A fashionista told PageSix, “It’s for the photographers. People’s legs get in the way… It messes up the shots.”

I did not wake up like this. ????

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It has been reported that Lively turned a deaf ear to company chairman John D Idol’s personal request to Blake and other VIPs sitting in the first row. That’s not exactly the coolest thing to do, Blake.

It was also suggested Blake should take a cue from Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, who observes first-row rules very religiously.

A Jezebel guide to New York Fashion Week back in 2010 warned potential attendees, “Photographers will yell at the front-row guests to uncross their legs (crossed legs create shadows on the runway, which ruin shots).”

Blake wore a great looking nude dress by Michael Kors for his show. She wore a matching blazer and Christian Louboutin heels to go with her stunning dress. She may have won many hearts because of the lovely nude dress, it did not make the fashionistas very happy. Do you think Blake could be excused because she is not directly related to the fashion world?

Meanwhile, Darling Magazine wrote last year, “The lights go black and someone from the pit yells for the ladies in the front row to uncross their legs. This happens at every show, because if legs are crossed then pointy heels are on the edges of all the photographers pictures.”

It sure is beginning to make sense why photographers may not be a big fan of crossed legs on the runway.

Blake Lively is married to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds and is seen attending her parties and shows regularly.

The stunning actress attended the fashion show with her mother and posted a cute message that said, “Mama arm candy. Thank you @michaelkors for having us. And thank you for not arresting us when we attempted to sneak out with half the runway looks.”

She seems like a very dedicated daughter after all.

Two Deadpools, one cup. Your turn #????????L

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She posts several pictures of herself with husband Ryan Reynolds, to who she is married. She is known to be a very wacky soul and posts some really crazy pictures for her fans on Instagram. Like the one below.

When that horrible aunt facetimes her nephew to wish him a happy 13th birthday… like he cares. #FutureCatLady

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The actress seemed to make a face in the picture and captioned it, “When that horrible aunt facetimes her nephew to wish him a happy 13th birthday… like he cares.”

Blake Lively does seem like a very nice lady, but do you think she did the right thing by not uncrossing her legs at the fashion show?

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