Taylor Swift Wishes Ed Sheeran Happy Birthday In The Sweetest Possible Way

Taylor Swift is well-known for having a close relationship with many of her celebrity pals, with one of the longest and closest of those relationships being with British singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. The closeness of their relationship has now been well and truly confirmed when Taylor Swift today released a photograph of her best friend to her Instagram account, along with a lengthy heartfelt message detailing what Ed Sheeran means to her.

As far as celebrity birthday wishes go, this is undeniably one of the sweetest that we’ve seen this year, but that’s only to be expected from Taylor Swift. We’ve always believed Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to be close in their relationship, but the star’s words only affirmed that. In her publicly shared message, Swift spoke about how she is constantly inspired by Sheeran’s passion and creativity. It’s pretty clear that this message is far more than just a publicity stunt and actually a truly heartfelt greeting.

“… But it’s his 25th birthday today, so I’m saying it now. You deserve everything you have, and everything you will continue to achieve, Ed. And an extra congratulations to the incredible Amy Wadge on your two Grammys.”

The pretty lengthy Instagram post was accompanied by a touching picture of Ed Sheeran receiving his Grammy award, which as Taylor Swift detailed in her dedication, that’s an award she truly believes the British star deserves. That’s no surprise when you think back to the 2016 Grammy awards and Taylor Swift was spotted jumping for joy when Sheeran was announced as a winner. In fact, her reaction to Sheeran’s win was considerably more ecstatic than to her own. Either way, it’s certainly nice to see more details revealed about the extent of that relationship between these two stars, especially when you consider how private they’ve been about it in the past.

As aforementioned, the birthday message really did go some way in terms of detailing the pair’s relationship and that was especially prevalent through one particular story that Taylor Swift chose to share with her Instagram followers. Swift revealed that she was, in fact, one of the first people that Sheeran approached with his renowned hit, “Thinking Out Loud,” and it’s pretty clear that when she heard it for the first time, she knew it was going to be something incredibly special. This was a time when her and Sheeran saw each other pretty much every day, when Swift was touring in the U.K. and track sharing appears to be something that they’ve kept up ever since.

Best Friends Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran
Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s close relationship dates back to that aforementioned Red tour, which Sheeran joined on several dates. The singers have since collaborated on a number of tracks and are are well known for making a number of public appearances together. Each of the pair has shared a number of fun posts to their respective social media accounts.Either way, shared fans of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran definitely have plenty to look forward to from the pair in the future as their relationship shows no sign of dimming down.

Either way, shared fans of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran definitely have plenty to look forward to from the pair in the future as their relationship shows no sign of dimming down.

In all, we’ve seen plenty of international superstars sharing birthday dedications to each other over the past year, but the majority of those messages can often be waved off as simple publicity stunts. Taylor Swift’s birthday message to Ed Sheeran, on the other hand, is definitely one of the most heartfelt greetings that we could have expected. The wait is now on to see how Sheeran will react to the message from his best pal Taylor Swift and of course how he’ll return the kindness for her birthday when it comes about in December.

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