Kenya Moore Slams Peter Thomas: Boyfriend ‘Is Not A Punk’

Kenya Moore has been on the outs in the group for a while, as she has tried to redeem herself after Apollo Nida’s lies. It is no secret that Kenya can be a bit opinionated, and when NeNe Leakes rejoined the group in Jamaica, Moore was shocked. She thought that she had built up a strong friendship with Cynthia Bailey, so she was very hurt and shocked when Bailey gushed over her friendship with NeNe. But Cynthia isn’t the only person who Kenya has a problem with. According to a new EnStarz report, Kenya Moore isn’t too happy with the way the men introduced Matt to the group.

Of course, Matt is Kenya’s new boyfriend, and Peter Thomas kept trying to bring him down. During their conversation, he hinted that it was weird that Matt didn’t have children as a 28-year-old man. It did seem like Peter had something against Matt, as he kept digging for some dirt. And Kenya wasn’t too happy about it.

“Be very clear [Matt] is not a punk. The men were clearly being disrespectful and rude to him which sent him into defense mode,” Moore reveals to Bravo after watching Sunday’s episode. Plus, Kenya wasn’t too happy with Peter’s aggressive questions about the lack of children.

“Side note: All single black men under 30 don’t have five babies and five baby mamas. I digress … I’m proud of Matt for not losing his cool and walking away. He made me proud. Peter can learn a few things from Matt, despite his age,” Kenya Moore added.

It did seem weird that Peter was so aggressive with him. It almost sounded like he knew something about Matt that he wanted out on the table. Matt was shocked at the behavior, and asked him to go outside, so they could work out their issues. But Thomas was stuck to the couch, not moving to accommodate Matt. Clearly, Kenya Moore isn’t happy with her co-stars these days, as they try to make her look like a fool. Matt could have easily brought up many things from Peter’s troublesome past, including his financial troubles, lawsuits, and a video showing him grabbing another woman.

But since Moore wasn’t present to defend her man, he had to take the battle upon himself. Instead, Kenya was talking to her co-stars. And while she was having this conversation with her female co-stars, she pointed to a rumor that none of the ladies had heard before. Moore pointed out that Kim Fields’ husband might be gay. And while the episode revealed that she was the one who brought up the rumors, Kenya is now revealing that Phaedra Parks was actually the one who brought it up.

“The only reason Kim’s husband came up is because he had snapped on several women earlier this day. He was snapping his fingers in their faces, yelling at them being rude and ‘reading them’ during their bus ride home from Jamaica. The girls were shocked as they didn’t see this behavior from him before. Apparently, he was so obnoxious he had to later apologize to all the women,” Moore explains, adding that everyone “saw signs” and that the rumors were far from new.

Chris hasn’t said anything himself about the rumors, but Kim Fields has revealed what went through her mind when she saw the scene.

“Kim’s inner monologue at that moment: I sincerely hope she gets the help she needs,” she revealed, according to Reality Tea.

What do you think about Kenya Moore’s new boyfriend? Are you surprised that she’s defending him based on his conversation with Peter?

[Image via Instagram]