Rob Kardashian: ‘Waist Training To Get Slim’ & Reconnecting With Sisters Amid Blac Chyna Feud

Rob Kardashian may consider using waist trainers in order to help him slim down and reconnect with his estranged family members, according to reports.

The reality star, who has faced an ongoing battle with his weight gain since 2012, has been exercising regularly, which he credits his girlfriend, Blac Chyna, for. Ever since the twosome began dating, Rob knew he wanted to make a change in his life, starting with his health and eventually working himself up to rebrand his Arthur George company.

Chyna, who is famously known for endorsing the waist trainer on Instagram, wants her boyfriend of five weeks to get in on it, convinced that Rob Kardashian’s figure could benefit from wearing it on a regular basis.

Furthermore, Chyna thinks that introducing Kardashian to the waist trainer is a good idea — simply down to the fact that the TV personality’s relationship with his sisters has been anything but great as of late.

Khloe Kardashian was left fuming when she discovered Chyna at her Calabasas home last month, unaware of the fact that her brother was in a relationship with the mother-of-one. She promptly decided to kick both of them out of her house, telling Rob that she was sickened by the idea of a family member mixing in with the so-called enemy.

Blac reportedly made threats against Kylie Jenner after the 18-year-old announced her relationship with the socialite’s ex-fiance, Tyga, prompting the Kardashians to keep their distance from the former family pal.

But now, in a shocking move to help bring peace to the icy relationship between Rob and his Kardashian siblings, Chyna thinks it’d be cool for the 28-year-old to get in on the waist training movement, assuring him that he’ll find it much easier to bond with his sisters when he makes the effort to give it a try, Hollywood Life claims.

“Blac Chyna always brings up how much she loves waist training and hopes that Rob will get in on the trend once he starts losing more weight. He also has brought up to Blac that he would like to talk to his sisters about it to make them have a current reason to bond.”

Rob Kardashian has always been close to his family and wouldn’t want to neglect them now — especially since everybody supported him up until he made the decision to date Blac Chyna. Khloe offered her multi-million dollar home to her brother, who would spend the majority of his day playing video games and eating junk food while Kris Jenner infamously claimed to have given her son a weekly allowance to help him manage.

Rob clearly hasn’t forgotten the fact that his sisters stuck by him when he experienced the lowest moments of his life. He’s been dedicating his time to working out with the help of a personal trainer, and as the body weight begins to shed, so does his resentment against his family, who allegedly pushed him away after falling in love with the ex-girlfriend of his sister’s boyfriend.

If wearing a waist trainer is going to break the ice and help the family get back on good terms, Rob Kardashian wouldn’t see a problem not to give it a go. Will the Kardashians want to make up with their brother? That is yet to be seen.

[Photo by Ethan Miller, Frederick M. Brown and Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]