Harry Styles Own Direction Rumors: Are The Media Behind The Curve?

Harry Styles walked away from his PR and management companies a few weeks back. In a move predicted by the Inquisitr, One Direction star Harry quit both Modest Management and HJPR. Styles signed a management deal with his friend Jeff Azoff and has moved to Dawbell PR, who also represent Harry’s BFF James Corden. Harry’s fans were delighted when Styles made the move because Modest and HJPR are widely despised by fans. Many fans are hoping that the rest of One Direction will follow Harry’s lead and that everyone will also break links with Simon Cowell and Syco.

There can be no doubt that Cowell pulls the strings at both Modest and HJPR, as their rosters are almost exclusively Cowell’s acts. Fans of Styles and One Direction see the management trio as an “axis of evil” that has forced Harry and his bandmates through an unsustainable workload and a succession of laughable PR stunts.


Of course, what Harry’s fans do not want to see is Styles walking away from One Direction. After the loss of Zayn Malik from One Direction last March, the loss of Styles would surely be an irrecoverable blow to the rest of the band.

At the end of January, the Sun claimed that Harry had “washed his hands of anything to do with his old band.” The story claimed that Styles had walked away from One Direction totally and quoted a “source” who indicated that Harry had no intention of returning.

“Harry is done with One Direction. He wants to completely disassociate with the band and that includes any professional connection.

“His new team will be about launching him as a solo superstar by around this time next year so the work is starting now.”

While Modest Management made a brief statement confirming the news that Harry had sacked them, there has been no confirmation of his future plans from Styles himself. Of course, as everyone knows, One Direction are just weeks away from a hiatus that will see Styles and the rest of the boys explore some solo projects and enjoy some downtime. There is no reason why Harry should not employ someone other than One Direction’s current management team to guide his solo projects. Indeed, it would make sense because it would avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Despite that fact rumors persist that Styles has quit One Direction for good, Morning News USA claims that Styles has walked and One Direction is over. They say that it is “quite evident” that Harry is to resign from One Direction. Of course, the problem is that once again, fans are left guessing, because neither Styles nor his advisors have made any statement about the future.

Unreality TV claims today that Louis Tomlinson’s reported girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, hinted that Louis and Harry may not return to One Direction. It seems that Danielle actually said that she believes that all of the One Direction boys are talented and can be successful in their solo projects.

“Yeah, all of the boys are extremely talented, and I know they will be very successful. I love their music and am a huge fan of them. I love their newest album it’s amazing!”

I wonder what part of that statement suggests that Danielle hints that “One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles won’t get back together”?


As always, it seems to be the case fans of Styles and One Direction are left in the dark as to what the band’s real plans are. Styles former management team seem to believe that the best way to serve their clients interests is to drip feed information anonymously to certain media outlets, including the Sun, and then let rumor and speculation create publicity for them.

Styles and One Direction have over 100 million followers between them on Twitter alone, so chatter about them is anything but rare. It is natural for fans to use what little information they have to piece together a fuller picture. It seems that Styles’ old team were content to allow this to happen, and in many ways, it is now beyond their control.

There is no firm information to suggest that Harry is leaving the rest of One Direction behind. Some sections of the media are simply reporting speculation elsewhere, and it seems that some are weeks behind the curve. Styles fans will be hoping that Harry’s move to a new team will mark a new era of honesty and transparency when it comes to information about One Direction.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]