Kanye West Is Unraveling: Surrounded By 'Yes Men' And Women, But Needs To Hear The Truth

Kanye West has been in the news lately, and some of the happenings have been positive, but others not so much. Reportedly, there were problems on the Saturday Night Live set, and there was the incident when he made a denigrating comment about Taylor Swift in a new song. This has revived a six-year-old feud between the two. However, Taylor addressed it without mentioning Kanye's name when she accepted a Grammy for Album of the Year.

For West, there is a pattern of behavior and issues everyone can't help but notice. Some of them are surprising--even for the rapper, writer, and designer who calls himself "Yeezus." A long-time collaborator Che "Rhymefest" Smith, who has known Kanye for 23 years, said he needs help. Rhymefest reached out to his friend, but he hasn't responded, noted The Grio.

Kanye now says he is $53 million in debt from investing in his fashion line and has appealed to Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg for a $1 billion loan. The fashion entrepreneur commented that investing in a fashion business is a billionaire's -- not a millionaire's game. It appears he has taken on too much. There is no doubt that he is a multi-talented individual who likes to dabble with new ideas, but being a gifted or talented individual does not preclude mental health issues.

What is clear from West's behavior is a lack of impulse control and no filter when it comes to his words. It dates back further than his infamous interruption of Swift as she was accepting an award. But this is when everyone noticed it and began to call West an "ass" and worse. Lately, his Twitter feed reveals his state of mind.

Kanye may well have a large ego, but he apparently realizes it, and that's not his number one enemy. That might be failure to recognize that he may possibly have serious mental health issues that cause him to sabotage his career and estrange friends, family, and fans. Most problems are treatable, and if a person has genuine supporters, like Rhymefest, an intervention can be done. However, many celebrities are surrounded by yes men and women who aren't honest with them.

Swift is not the only object of Kanye's anger, but ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, Whiz Khalifah, and their son have also been targeted. West's actions appear to be random and unprovoked. He has yet to apologize to Taylor, but instead has chosen to call her a "fake ass," per Hollywood Life.

(Warning: There is offensive language in the video.)

Since his mother, Dr. Donda (Williams) West, suddenly passed away in 2007, it seems that her son's life has taken a downward turn. If she were alive, it is doubtful that Kanye would be acting out as he now is. If he allowed his life to devolve, it wouldn't be because no one close to him demanded that he get help. But then again, there may be others who have told him this, but as an adult, he makes his own choices.

What do you think? Do you think Kanye needs professional counseling or spiritual help?

[Photo by JP Kim/Getty]