'Sister Wives' Reportedly Falling Apart As Kody Brown Is Focusing Only On Robyn

Kody Brown of Sister Wives added another wife not long ago. Right as the show started, Kody married Robyn and she joined the family. Not long after, they had a son together and now the couple has another child together. Starcasm shared the news that things are not going well for the Brown family as it turns out Kody is really focusing on his fourth wife Robyn Brown.

A new report says that Kody Brown's wives all have one foot out the door, except for Robyn of course. They had their second baby in January. The couple is very close and it is starting to sound like Kody may only have eyes for Robyn now. Meri Brown was already not very happy and actually had an online relationship with someone who ended up catfishing her. Meri really did seem like she was ready to leave, but things didn't work out. Now an insider is sharing that Meri Brown isn't the only unhappy wife in the family.

"The idea that the Browns are a polygamist family is laughable at this point. It's just Kody and Robyn who are truly together at this point."
That isn't all that was revealed. Another Brown insider says that Robyn Brown is the only one whom Kody is still intimate with at this point. Kody used to always brag that he would go stay with a different wife each night, but that doesn't mean that they were doing anything while in the bedroom. He hasn't had a child with anyone besides Robyn in a long time either.
An insider shared details all about the upcoming season of Sister Wives saying that it will focus on Robyn and Kody Brown's new baby. The source also shared that Janelle Brown has plans to work her real estate business full-time. The insider went on to reveal more.
"That will allow for Janelle and Meri to slowly begin their exit. This is the beginning of the end for the Brown family."
Meri Brown is obviously still around at this time and even shared a picture making cookies with Robyn and Kody's son. It doesn't look like Meri is leaving just yet, but she doesn't have any children left at home at this time.
Design & Trend actually shared that the person who catfished Meri Brown wrote a book all about it. This book shared all about the things that Meri told her. Jackie Overton actually wrote the book, but even used the name Samuel Cooper to publish it and never admitted to being a woman. She even went on to share about why she wrote this book about her relationship with Meri Brown.
"I told my story following the timeline I have of the texts and voicemails. I have only posted half of all the stuff I have. I kept some that I will never share because it's too personal. The rest tells the stories no one knows about. I'm exhausted, but for the first time since the end of August I feel like this whole thing is off of my shoulders. I think I will finally sleep my way through the night. It's finally over for me and I am ready for it to be done. I am moving on."
Are you shocked to hear that Kody Brown could be only focusing on Robyn Brown now? Do you think that the Brown family is about to split up? Sound off in the comments section below and don't miss Sister Wives when it returns to TLC.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]