Texas Cops Taser Pastor in Church Parking Lot Melee

A 42 year old pastor was tasered by cops who were giving a traffic ticket to a man in his church parking lot in Webster, Texas.

There are two very different sides to the story. From the pastor’s son’s point of view, his father, Jose Moran, came out of the church and asked officers if there was anything he could do to help. He says the officer then began yelling and the pastor returned to the church building. The officer then went and tried to kick in the door of the church. When the pastor opened the door, a second officer tasered him.

Police have a very different account of the story: They say they had a car stopped in the church parking lot and were ticketing the driver when the pastor approached and started yelling at the officers. One officer told the pastor he was under arrest. He then stormed off back into the church and emerged with dozens of members of the congregation who surrounded the officers. One officer used pepper spray to disperse the crowd and the pastor pushed the second officer who then tasered him.

Sadly, there is no video of the incident uploaded to youtube for the police to use as evidence, so it’ll have to be hashed out in court.