Big Ang Dying, ‘Mob Wives’ Star’s Health Declining Fast As Family And Friends Gather At Hospital

Big Ang has had a rough year. The Mob Wives star battled throat cancer last year, only to be cleared several months later. She celebrated being cancer-free, and then a few weeks later had a bomb dropped on her. Big Ang was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer after doctors found a nodule on her lung during routine follow-up care. As it turned out, the cancer was already stage four. This news was only recently revealed to Big Ang’s fans. In fact, the news came out because Ang’s sister started a GoFundMe page to raise money to get her sister some alternative treatment. It looks like those efforts may have been in vain.

Just yesterday, Big Ang spoke to Dr. Oz on his show. She revealed her prognosis was not good, and that the cancer had taken a huge toll on her and her family. According to Radar Online, Big Ang’s health is quickly declining, and people are gathering by her bedside at the hospital. Even her estranged husband, Neil Murphy, is at the hospital with her. This news is shocking her friends and fans, because it all seems so quick. As of now, Big Ang is still alive, but no one is certain how much longer that will last. During her interview yesterday, Big Ang revealed she only had a 30 percent chance of survival. She beat throat cancer, so she was hopeful that she would beat the brain and lung cancer as well.

The new diagnosis came this past December for Big Ang, and it has quickly gone downhill. Ang’s sister set up the fundraiser to try and get cannabis oil for treatment. Traditional methods were not working on Big Ang, and they wanted to get the alternative medicine immediately. Chemotherapy and radiation were not helping and the tumors were growing. While the money was raised within days, it appears that they may not have a chance to get the treatment going. If Big Ang is really declining as quickly as is being reported, nothing is going to help her at this point.

Finding out that Neil Murphy was by Big Ang’s side was a surprise. The new season of Mob Wives eluded to trouble between the two, but no one knew they were separated. Cancer is an evil beast, and it destroyed their relationship as it wreaks havoc on Big Ang’s body. According to Us Weekly, Big Ang walked away because she felt like Murphy never stepped up to the plate. She felt like she was fighting this battle alone, so she chose to lean on her family and friends. And now, those same people are gathering around her bed at the hospital to support her as she transitions to the next step.

Tonight as Mob Wives is airing, fans are taking to social media to talk about Big Ang. Her unexpected battle has caused a lot of hurt among the friends and family who have been there for her. Stage four cancer is no joke and Big Ang rapidly declining is scary.


Right now, there is no health update other than the family has gathered to be with Big Ang, and several of her friends are there as well. Earlier, there were reports that she was given her last rites, but those were taken down. It is unclear if it was too soon, or if the family wants to keep the next several hours private. Big Ang is a fighter and if this is the way she goes out, she gave it her all. The things that have happened in the last two months have changed Big Ang, and now she is ready to be at peace.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]