NBA Trade Rumors: Utah Jazz Looking To Move Trey Burke To Houston Rockets For Ty Lawson

NBA Trade Rumors: Utah Jazz Looking To Move Trey Burke To Houston Rockets For Ty Lawson

The NBA trade rumors are pointing to a point guard swap for the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz, with the teams reportedly trying to close out a deal involving Ty Lawson and Trey Burke.

ESPN reported late on Wednesday that the Rockets are offering Lawson to the Jazz in a deal that would include Burke and some other assets. The Jazz, which at 26-26 currently hold the No. 8 spot in the Western Conference, have reportedly been looking for a veteran point guard.

As ESPN reported, the numbers may make the deal a bit more palatable to the Jazz.

“Although trading for Lawson would be seen as a gamble for Utah, given Lawson’s struggles throughout his first season in Houston, the gamble would be mitigated by Lawson making the $13.2 million he’s owed next season fully unguaranteed as a condition to secure his trade to the Rockets last summer,” the report noted.

“As such, Utah could essentially test Lawson out for the rest of the season and let him go without any financial impact going forward if it doesn’t work out.”

There may be other NBA trade rumors surrounding Trey Burke. The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the Jazz have been involved in “multiple discussions” regarding their point guard.

After being drafted No. 9 overall in the 2013 draft, Burke took over as the Jazz’s starting point guard. In his rookie year he averaged 12.8 points per game, but lost his starting job to younger Dante Exum. This season he is averaging 11.8 points per game in a career-low 23 minutes per game.

“Still, Burke has proven he can be an offensive asset in the NBA,” the Tribune reported. “His shooting percentage has increased this season, and Snyder has repeatedly lauded him for also improving his defensive skills.”

The Houston Rockets, meanwhile, appear to be one of the most active teams as the trade deadline nears. The team has been active in shopping big man Dwight Howard, with several teams reportedly interested.

The Rockets may have some difficulty in moving Howard, however. League sources say they have a high asking price, which is driving away some potential suitors, and other teams are raising character concerns.

The Miami Heat, one of the teams most active in pursuit of Howard, may be getting cold feet, ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported.

“You could build a bunch of deals in which Miami sends out some combination of Dragic, Whiteside and Luol Deng for Howard, but there are factors working against it. Miami is over the tax and more likely to dump money. Houston is hard-capped, and can barely add a dime without violating league rules. Miami has questions about Howard’s character and fit, sources say, and the Heat have been sniffing around cheaper 3-and-D wings — including Randy Foye in Denver.”

There had been previous rumors that the Houston Rockets were considering keeping Dwight Howard and building a contender that in the offseason could compete for Kevin Durant. The Oklahoma City Thunder star is expected to opt out of his contract, and while the Thunder can offer him more money than other teams, there is some thought that he may leave for a team with strong title contention.

It’s not clear if that contender could be the Houston Rockets, but the NBA trade rumors surrounding Trey Burke suggest that they are committing to upgrading.

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