‘Blade & Soul’ Opens Currency Exchange, Allows Players To Trade Real Money For Gold

Blade & Soul

Popular martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul is only a month out from its release in the west, but the title is already larger thanks to the “Rising Waters” update. The Valentine’s Day event is currently underway, too, giving players additional limited content. Steady streams of new costumes are popping up in the game’s Hongmoon Store as well. Although Blade & Soul is a free-to-play game, players can buy additional items from the in-game store for real money.

This week, the Hongmoon Store is home to even more costumes like the White Sandraider outfit and the Demon Maw costume. A new Friendship Chest with random contents is now also available in the store, too. The most prized item in the random chest is the Best Friend costume but other potential loot includes a Hongmoon Brilliant Moonwater Key, a Sparkling Venture Token, a Dragon Trade Pouch, and other items. Also, players will also notice that the Currency Exchange is now available in Blade & Soul. This system lets players buy gold with real money or lets them purchase Hongmoon Coins by selling gold.

Blade & Soul players can access the Currency Exchange in-game by pressing Ctrl+C. Players can sell gold with this system up to 1,000 gold per transaction. Multiple sell orders can be placed at a time, and that number is larger if the player has a Premium Membership, the game’s optional subscription. When selling gold, a player will not receive an amount of NCoin upon the transaction’s completion. Instead, the seller will receive a number of Hongmoon Coins which can be used in the Hongmoon Store for specific items. Moreover, the Currency Exchange takes a 10 percent cut off the seller’s Hongmoon Coin profit.

Blade & Soul
Players that want to use the Blade & Soul Currency Exchange to buy gold can do so with NCoin. NCoin is purchased with real money in varying bundles. For instance, $5 purchases 400 NCoin while $20 purchases 1600 NCoin. Players looking to buy gold can do so from players that are selling it through the Currency Exchange. With the correct amount of NCoin, players can complete the purchase of gold from another player to receive the gold. All in all, the Currency Exchange is a safe way to covert real world cash into gold legally through the developers and publisher of Blade & Soul. The developer notes that the system is not too different from its iteration in the closed beta.

“For those of you that participated in our beta weekends, you may have already seen the Currency Exchange as we tested its functionality. It remains largely unchanged, but we have made a couple tweaks to the requirements and limits.”

Blade & Soul may only be a month old, but the game has attracted a large audience. Not to mention, an event is already underway in celebration of the Valentine’s Day holiday. Until February 24, players can collect white and red roses used to create a powerful gem. Players level 16 and above can complete daily quests and daily dungeon quests for roses or purchase a bundle from the in-game store each day. Additionally, other Valentine’s Day bundles are in the Hongmoon Store including special costume bundles that will be available for a limited time.

Blade & Soul
As The Inquisitr reported, Blade & Soul is rather popular in the west. NCSoft, publisher of the MMORPG, boasts that over two million players just three weeks after its release in the United States and Europe. On February 9, the game updated with the “Rising Waters” update adding content for max level players to complete. The update added the Bloodshade Harbor dungeon and its 24-player raid version, Nightshade Harbor. Additionally, the solo dungeon experience with increasing difficulty, Mushin’s Tower, also debuted with the patch. Hongmoon Levels, the PvP preseason, and other additions are also part of the update.

[Image via NCSoft]