Bisexual Teen’s Body Found After Informing Mom That ‘Someone Is Trying To Kill Me’

Nick Hawkins last phone call, before he disappeared on Saturday night, was to his mother, informing her that “someone is trying to kill me.” Hawkins call to his mother cut out in the middle of the call before he provided details stating why he believed that he was being targeted to be killed.



According to Huffington Post, Hawkins last call had authorities in Alabama gravely concerned for the teen safety. Nick Hawkins, age 19, was listed as missing on Sunday after he was not heard from after his last call at 8 p.m. Police Chief Jared Hall spoke about the case at a press conference on Monday.

“It’s disturbing when he calls his mother, tells his mother someone is trying to kill him and then they lose contact. Nobody’s had contact with him [since].”

Hawkins’ white Chrysler was found on Sunday parked at a Dora residence on Sunday. Police believe that whoever drove Nick’s vehicle would also be responsible for the attempt on the teens life. Hawkins named Joshua Adam Reese, as the person trying to kill him, in his last phone call but no further information was provided before the call cut.

Hawkins’ family has been living in hell since the disappearance of Nick, his mother and grandmother sent out multiple pleads for a safe return of Hawkins. Nick was described by family and friends as thoughtful and kind.


“I just want Nicholas to know that we love him and that he is not in any kind of trouble and if he can heard this message, or anybody can hear it and tell him, if he would just contact us, we will come get him and bring him to safety. And we love him very much.”

Hawkins’ cellphone last pinged around midnight on Sunday near a Dora hunting lodge and that lead police to search the wooded parts in that area. The authorities however suspended the search when they failed to locate any trace of the missing teen.

According to AL, on Tuesday evening a body was discovered wrapped in covering in Walker County at an “illegal dump site.” The body was discovered after the police responded to a tip and found the body in a wooded area less than a few hundred feet from the road. Authorities confirmed on Wednesday that this was the body of Nick Hawkins.

Due to Hawkins naming Reese in his phone call, Joshua Reese became a person of interest in the missing teen case. Reese was, however, taken into custody on Tuesday on an unrelated charge, for which he had an outstanding warrant, Reese has been in custody awaiting trail.


On Tuesday, police stated that they would be questioning Reese about Hawkins disappearance. The timeline for questioning of Reese and discovery of Hawkins body on a tip, is highly coincidental.

According to BuzzFeed, Hawkins friends stated that he was openly bisexual and did not care if anyone knew it, in fact Hawkins came out as bisexual in high school. Hawkins was known for doing make-up for his female friends. On the night of his disappearance, Hawkins was on his way from a beauty pageant. As of this time, there hasn’t been any indications that Nick Hawkins sexuality had anything to do with his murder.

The death of Nick Hawkins has affected his friends and family and they hope to see justice for the innocent teen soon.

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